Make your Home a Relaxed Sanctuary

People all over the world are embracing the idea of home as your sanctuary– a place where you can nest with loved ones and feel contentment. Even though we are living in a digital world, we seek surroundings that relax us, help us recharge and encourage creativity. The Danish idea that incorporates these themes into one inspirational word is hygge.

We enjoy having a place where we can sit back, have a warm drink and put our feet up. Designers are creating sensory furniture and soft furnishings that give us a sense of calm and relax the body and the mind.

Many people are removing shoes as they enter the house to eliminate bringing allergens into the environment. Wearing soft socks or slippers and having extra pairs for guests to wear is a thoughtful convenience offered for casual gatherings.

Fur and faux fur offer extra layers of texture in a tactile bedroom. Knitting and crocheting are believed to be therapeutic tools for improving health and exercising the mind. Crafting can release dopamine by activating the reward center of the brain, and actually increase happiness and reduce stress.

As yarn crafters not only do we benefit by increasing our wellness while we knit and crochet, we also benefit from the fruits of our crafting. We are able to create many of the room accessories and wearables that will give us contentment for years to come.

View our look book, Cozy Hygge Style, for knit, crochet and craft and make your home a “relaxed sanctuary”.

Make your Home a Relaxed Sanctuary