Makin’ those Special Olympics scarves

I’m more of a knitter than a crocheter, so it’s a real change of pace when I get a chance to crochet. I’ve found that making Special Olympics scarves is the perfect opportunity to practice my crochet skills.

My favorite stitch of the moment is half double crochet. I made up my own pattern for a side-to-side scarf by chaining a couple hundred chains and then working 1 row stripes of half double crochet until I get the desired width. It’s fun and mindless.

My most favorite knitting stitch is basketweave so I made one knit scarf in basketweave in a striping pattern.

I’ve finished 3 scarves so far and am working on another side-to-side scarf and one that has vertical half double crochet in two-row stripes. For the vertical one, I’m carrying the yarn up the side and not cutting as I work the stripes.

It’s kind of fun to imagine which athlete wear my scarves and what sport they will enter. It’s a nice way to do something good for someone and I’m truly catching up on all my DVR TV shows!