March Featured Throw of the Month

Welcome to the March Featured Throw of the Month! This month we have the Top o’ the Morning Throw made in Red Heart Super Saver yarn. Each month we will have a new themed throw as a featured free pattern. Each throw will have a tip or two in the blog, as well as a giveaway to win the yarn to make the throw. Keep reading for the tip and to access the giveaway! Use the hashtag #throwmonth to talk about the series.

Download the Top o’ the Morning Throw!

LW4675 Top o' the Mornin' Throw


This month, we have a mini-tutorial on how to do the stitch pattern used in this afghan. You will need to follow along with the pattern PDF in order to understand the tutorial.


Make sure you read all of the notes at the start of the pattern very thoroughly before you start. You will essentially be making two intertwined mesh afghans. The resulting afghan will be extra-thick and cozy, since it has two layers of yarn.

In the pattern, the A color is Soft White in Super Saver and the B color is Green Tones in Super Saver. In the sample created in this tutorial, the A color is Wheat in Soft and the B color is Guacamole in Soft.

Please pay close attention to whether or not you turn at the end of a row. For most of the afghan, you will work across left to right in the A color and then repeat in the B color. You will then turn and repeat working across in the A color and then again in the B color.


To start, you’ll chain 154. (I am doing a smaller amount for the sample.) Place a stitch marker in the second stitch from the tail, as shown in the picture.

The set-up of A is simple: just a mesh made out of double crochets (dc) and chains. This is the basic method of mesh that you will use throughout the entire afghan.

After you attach B with a slip stitch, you’ll work across the bottom edge of the A-colored mesh. Slip stitch in the chain spaces and work a chain to skip over the double crochets. The left picture is the row immediately after you work across, and the right picture is the row when you have turned your work and are ready to start the first mesh row of B.











To work the B-colored mesh you’ll be creating double crochets that show up in the chain spaces of the A-colored mesh, so the two meshes are offset from each other. Additionally, so the layers stay together, you will be working the B-colored mesh alternatively behind and in front of the A colored mesh.

Chain 4, then working in front of the A-colored mesh double crochet in the next chain, chain 1 (to skip over the A-colored double crochet stitch), working behind the A-colored mesh double crochet in the next chain, chain 1 (again skipping over the A-colored double crochet), then continue the pattern of working double crochets in front of and behind the A-colored mesh. Your pattern may look odd until you have several rows done.

Next, you’ll work another row in A. It is the same double crochet and chain mesh as before. Work the double crochets into the previous A double crochet stitches, and line up the chain spaces as well. When you are finished, do not turn.

Now you’ll come back across and do the B-colored mesh and intertwine it with the A-colored mesh. To intertwine the two meshes, you will continue working double crochets in B to the double crochets in B in the previous B-colored row. You will need to push or pull the tops of the B-colored double crochets through the chain spaces of A so you can use your hook normally.

In this picture, the hook is going into the top of the B-colored double crochet, working behind A.

The below picture is the same as the above picture, just flipped so you can see the back. From this point the hook will yarn over and pull up a loop, and you will complete the double crochet stitch as normal.

Below you can see working into the B-colored double crochet working in front of A.

After your first few rows, the pattern is starting to take shape.

You will need to work several rows before your pattern settles in and becomes recognizable.












After you complete the afghan, you can put the border on as directed in the pattern PDF.

Find all of the other throws on our Featured Throw of the Month page.


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112 thoughts on “March Featured Throw of the Month

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Roberta, Thank you for your question! We contact winners directly and do not have a published list.

      • Anonymous

        The concept of this pattern is lovely, I am by no means a novice….but this pattern has me stumped….going to shelve it as I have spent one whole night and one whole day trying to get past row 6….it will not work, so, yep, giving this one up

        • Lenna

          Well, I sure wish this pattern had a video. I am stumped. Need help.

          • redheart Post author

            Hi Lenna, We’re sorry to hear the pattern is confusing! Unfortunately we do not have a video for this throw. If you have not already, please contact Consumer Services at for pattern assistance. Using the Contact Us form ensures that your question is sent to the correct team and your question is answered.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t seem to find the entry form. Can you help me.

        • redheart Post author

          Hi, The entry form is at the bottom of the blog post, after the picture tutorial and before the comments.

    • Lenna

      My son and grandson just recently had to throw out a beloved afghan that was literally falling apart. This looks like a good pattern I could learn to crochet on and would be thick and warm for my boys. Would be nice to win the yarn!

  1. Cheryl

    What a stunning reversible throw. I’m thinking about making it big enough to use as a blanket. As soon as I finish the current afghan, this is in my sights for next! Thanks for a challenging and beautiful pattern.

  2. Eileen Ford

    I have made six prayer shawls for our church in the last three weeks. Am always on the lookout for more yarn… & patterns!

  3. maryann suto

    Would love to win this kit. Have a birthday this month & that could be my gift.

  4. Ginny C

    What a beauty. Color is great….I can’t really see the stitch but would love to learn.

  5. ana cancel


  6. Kimberly Leistner

    Nice pattern and beautiful yarn. Would love to win. I have never won nothing like this.

  7. Kimberly Leistner

    LOVE the pattern and yarn. I have never won anything like this. Hopeful.

  8. Frances Gallegos

    I would love to win this kit, I love to chochet (since I was 10).

  9. Frances Gallegos

    would love to make this afghan, have crocheted since I was 10 years old.

  10. Penny Gressett

    This is awesome looking throw and I would love to take on the challenge.

  11. Shirley Rardin

    In all the years I have crocheted, this has been a special hobby that shows the talent, as well as the creativity I have mastered. Red Heart yarns have provided me the opportunity to be creative, believe in myself and give me the opportunity to give to others something that I hope will be treasured and appreciated.

  12. Donna

    I love learning new stitches and I have a few ideas for this one already. This looks like fun.

  13. Donna

    This is such a beautiful afghan, and I love the stitches. They look like something even I can do.

  14. Florence

    I am always crocheting afghans for the new mother I work with so why not make this one for Build a Bed.


    Looking forward to learning this new challenging stitch. Love the colors shown & the unlimited Red Heart Yarn color combinations that could be used in this project..

  16. Penny

    such a great afghan. I can’t wait to make it. Red heart yarns thanks!

  17. Debby R

    Wow. Reading through the tutorial was a fantastic learning experience. I am looking forward to practicing this stitch and then making the final project. I am on the Red Heart webpage almost every day, browsing the free patterns. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to leave a message concerning this project.

  18. Penny

    Hi — I do love a challenge! I’m not much of a crocheter, but would love to make this throw. Beautiful! ♥

  19. Dell Martinez

    I like using Red Heart. This afghan is really unique appearing. I will make this one for sure.

  20. Lisa Rutter

    Pattern looks amazing. Still working on last months throw pattern.

  21. Rocio Rivillas

    Soy una Maestra Jubilada, que dedico mi tiempo a la elaboración de prendas desde diversos patrones que encuentro en estos medios y quisiera seguir utilizando para las buenas ideas que tienen.
    Siempre que puedo encontrar quien me compre hilos en EEUU aprovecho para tener esta clase que me parecen bien interesante.

  22. Rosana Estévez

    The combination of colors is great and it is an easy pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Rosana Estévez

    #throwmonth The combination of colors is great and it is an easy pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  24. joann

    This is gorgeous. I would love to try this. Well there be a video tutorial?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Joann, Thank you for your question! We do not announce tutorials ahead of time, but we have passed your request along to the appropriate people. Meanwhile, if you need assistance, please contact Customer Service at

  25. Mary Kurek

    I would like to make this in different sizes. What would be the number of foundation chain to do various sizes like a baby blanket and sizes for beds?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Mary, Thanks for your question! You can use any multiple of 4 chains + 6 additional chains to make wider or skinnier blankets.

  26. Bethanne Seel

    That pattern has an interesting look to it since it’s not the usual stripes or ripples. I wonder if you use either a larger hook or a lighter weight yarn it would have a lacy look to it

  27. beth blair

    I love this pattern. Need to finish the current afghan before I start this one. Need to decide which project to take with me on spring break.

  28. Amber

    i have been wanting to make something like this!

  29. Mary V

    I love this Red heart site. At 77 I do not have to go out in the winter, just sign
    on for wonderful patterns, anything needed to make them and do not have to worry
    about dye lots and have the whole package delivered a few days later. Thank you.
    I would love to win this kit, it is gorgeous.

  30. Joanie

    Fingers crossed that I will be lucky and win the product to make this amazing throw. The pattern looks challenging…might be similar to a style (intermeshing) that I’ve been wanting to experiment with. Thanks for offering these giveaways!

  31. Carlene

    Wish there was a video tutorial for this pattern. I am having trouble at the sides of the pattern getting the yarn where it needs to be..

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Carlene, Thank you for your question! We do not announce tutorials ahead of time, but we have passed your request along to the appropriate people. Meanwhile, if you need assistance, please contact Customer Service at

  32. Michelle Biggeman

    My mom would love this afghan as these are her favorite colors…thanks for the chance to win :)

  33. Chris P

    I think this pattern is great! It’s different and with two looks. Can’t wait to try it out.

  34. Cicely

    I have been trying to make this now for a week. Still stuck and keep retrying. I hope that either Redheart or the Crochet Crowd on YouTube desides to make a video. With my luck its something really simple I’m just not getting but im gonna try again. It’s just to cute it to.

  35. gail

    would love to do this pattern..need a pattern to learn new stitches..

  36. Carol Rose

    This pattern is one of the process called interweave where each color attaches only to itself. Some of the patterns look the same on both sides, and some are different on each side. They are fascinating to work on, but it does feel like it takes forever to make them because you are actually doing 2 blankets at once. Yes, they are bulky when they are finished. I made a baby blanket recently with this technique and found that for a baby blanket it was too thick. If I ever want to do another baby blanket I will only use a lighter yar.

  37. Anonymous

    I can’t wait to try this pattern. It is a different, very interesting look.

  38. Florence Fales

    Why don’t you do knit blankets of the month contest? I knit, don’t crochet.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Florence, Thank you for your interest! We have passed it along to the people who organized our crochet-alongs and our knit-alongs.

      Meanwhile, our Learn a Stitch, Make a Cowl series ( is a mix of knit and crochet projects, if you are interested in participating. This month’s cowl is knit.

  39. marla

    would love to have this collection…..can always use more yarn…

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    I love the color of the yarn and the design pattern looks really nice

  41. Vicki Johns

    Hi. Just wondering if the giveaway is open Worldwide I live in Australia and love the Red Heart patterns. So happy that now we can get some of the Red Heart Yarns here in Australia as well.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Vicki, Thank you for your question! Yes, the giveaway is open to everyone.

  42. Kay W

    Thank you for a great pattern,I love the patterns for reversible crocheted afghans I have several different ones,I love your yarn been using it for 57 years.I’m making this in white and blue sparkle yarn that I have here,sure would like to win this yarn cause I like the pattern so much I want to make another one.I think this would look really good for one color to be variegated.That’s what I’ve used in my other this pattern, plan on making more with this.really easy and you can memorize it and keep right on hooking.Thank you again and keep up the good work.

  43. Kathy Sparkman

    I would to have pattern. This very pretty

  44. Dieu P.

    Lovely pattern. Although I haven’t finish any simple throws yet, this pattern is worth to try.

  45. Gillian

    is the contest open to Canada or just the US?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Gillian, Thank you for your question! Yes, the giveaway is open to everyone.

  46. Janet

    Is this giveaway open to UK residents please, I can’t see anything on the official rules, and would love to be entered

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Janet, Thank you for your question! Yes, the giveaway is open to everyone.

  47. Anita

    Love Red Heart yarns -and I can’t wait to try this pattern!

  48. Carly

    This would make a great graduation gift for a student going away to college..done in the college’s school colors! Lovely!

  49. Gioia Larkin

    This is an amazing pattern! I haven’t made an adult size pattern in a long time, but this one intrigues me. Wonderful.

  50. Tina Swack

    My left handed grandmother taught right handed me how to crochet with red heart yarn. She would have loved this pattern. I Would love to win this kit to make and donate this afghan to her church bizarre .

  51. bj

    Wow, this would be a great excuse to finally learn to crochet! What a lovely pattern! Congrats to one lucky winner!

  52. Lavonna Vasnden Berg

    Hi!I would like to win this yarn As just had my birthday think would be great gift .after making it I will give to charities here in city as I belong to Needle works group who with yarn we receive give to many charities in city to keep people warm.Last year we made 4141pieces we gave away.We give many orgization,schools,county and homeless shelters for the needy.We have around thirtythree ladies and keep getting more.are group meets once week on Thursday morningand we have fun time from9to 11;30makingour projects and bringing what we have done . and visiting with the other ladies.We aways admire what everyone has done.The yarn we get is always dnated to us.IF we can not understand or need help with project or have question someone is always willing to help out.If someone hears about place to give we add it to our list to make things for them.

  53. Judi

    The pattern looks very interesting. I would love to win this kit, thank you for the chance.

  54. Carol Brown

    I love all of Red Heart yarns. My mom and I crochet lapghans for a veterans home. We have built up quite a following for yarn pieces. We have many “stashbuster” patterns. We also make baby afghans for the local hospital. Many babies go home with very little. It’s all fun and keeps our hands busy while we watch tv in the evenings.

  55. Liz

    I have been crocheting since I was 9 yrs old and I’m 62 now but this is the most difficult pattern I’ve ever tried to do.
    I’ve crocheted some beautiful items that people stopped and was amazed asking how did I do that? But this pattern is just so confusing. I’ve done many filet patterns and interlock crochet but I just can’t follow this.
    I’ve only done the two set up rows please please help? I see others have put theirs up also so it’s not just me. I’m begging for a video or whatever, it’s beautiful and I really want to do it. Please HELP? Thank you

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Liz, Thank you for your question! We do not announce tutorials ahead of time, but we have passed your request along to the appropriate people. Meanwhile, if you need assistance, please contact Customer Service at

  56. Marie PEARSON

    I love the pattern of this afghan it very pretty. I have used redheartn yarns since I learned to crochet back in the eighties and I continue to use it .I don’t think the super saver was available then and a skein cost less than a dollar. Then But every thing has changed Thank you

  57. Catherine Cullen

    This amazing pattern has inspired me! I want to make this for one of my daughters to keep her warm in our cold winters. Thank you for all the lovely ideas!

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    What size crochet hook. Is needed and What amounts of yarn is need how many skeins..? Thank you.

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    My favorite colors ( Irish in me) even if I don’t win, this pattern is on my list. I don’t go for easy patterns anymore. At my age 70 + I like challenges.. Afghans are my favorites.

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    Love the look of this afghan and the colors are perfect!

  62. Ruth Rowlands

    This looks like a challenging pattern but also very warm! I’d like to win this!

  63. Ruth Rowlands

    I’d like to win this. It looks challenging but very warm

  64. jenna

    I really admire this stitch pattern. I haven’t been attracted to the previous TOTM items, because they were a little too “theme”. But this afghan is charming and so versatile. I can see this for a giftee’s favorite colors or team colors or school colors or corporate colors, you get the picture. And I love the mix of solid & variegated yarns!
    This is definitely a winner. Thanks so much for posting.



  66. Carolyn

    This would be a great throw to work on in the evenings while watching T.V. Been crocheting for a while, but have never tried one in this stitch. Would be great if I could win the yarn to make it.

  67. Tricia

    I am a little confused as to when you join the second color at the beginning what stitch are you using? I have downloaded the pattern and looked at the tutorial pictures and read the directions under them, but still confused?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Tricia, Thanks for your question! You attach the second color using a slip stitch. After it is attached, you work across the edge by doing slip stitches in the chain spaces and doing a chain to skip over the double crochets.

  68. Anonymous

    love Red Heart! I’m from Canada and Spin Rite is about an hour away from me but I get there a couple times a year when I can get away from my husband so he doesn’t see how much I buy! Love this afghan! I have just recently picked up crocheting again and give away everything I make. Unfortunately sometimes the folks I give it to don’t understand how much time and thought has gone into making something special for them. My tension sucks so I no longer make any clothing but I think I’m ready to try again.

  69. Jennifer

    I would love to win this! My disabled mother loves green and this would be great for her. Please pick me so I can make this for her

  70. Sheron Yancey

    I have just started to crochet and would love to make this throw one day, just beautiful. I have seen one like this.

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    My grandson’s favorite color is green and this would be nice for his room.

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    I really want to give this pattern a try. It is different than any I’ve done before. #throwmonth

  73. Lita Gitt

    I am halfway finished with this afghan. it really is lovely. I am a self taught 72 year old crocheter and yes It was a challenge to figure out but after a week of trying I finally got it! Loved the challenge. When I complete this project I would like to try Tunisian crochet….Do you plan on a tutorial for that stitch as you have this project? I would really like that. Thank you, Lita

  74. Karen

    i do not understand how to do the edging. Is there a tutorial for that? Do you edge the sides too. No chain one to turn before starting edging? It’s a beautiful afghan though. Went a few rows longer

  75. Cass

    If you are confused by the stitch, have someone read it out loud to you while you work it, replacing the color letters A and B with the actual colors wheat, green, (“attach green with a slip stitch…”) Some people learn patterns better by reading them, some by hearing them. Hope this helps. Good luck. It looks gorgeous. It’s next on my list!.

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