Marly Bird Loves Red Heart Soft Essentials Yarn

Our National Spokesperson Marly Bird loves the new Red Heart Soft Essentials and Soft Essentials Stripes yarns, and thinks you will too! Let her tell you all about it, and then follow along with her video tutorial for a free cowl pattern she designed.

Soft Essentials and Soft Essentials Stripes are available only at Michaels, so Marly went to her local Michaels store in Colorado to let everyone know about the yarn.

If you listened to Marly’s Yarn Thing podcast on January 29, you heard our own Cat Babbie discussing Soft Essentials with Marly. If you missed it, listen here or watch the simultaneous Facebook live video below.

And finally, follow along with her free video to make this pretty cowl crocheted in Soft Essentials Stripes.

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11 thoughts on “Marly Bird Loves Red Heart Soft Essentials Yarn

  1. Laura Kirk

    I can’t watch videos because of limited bandwidth. I live very rural and have no choice in internet providers. Is this pattern in written form somewhere? I love it! Thank you.

  2. Julia Gamble

    I was wondering if it would be possible to get dimensions for making the Happy Hoody in adult sizes? I think it would be a great gift (minus the ears) ! I’m just not accomplished enough to figure out how to re-size it for an adult or teen. Any advice?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Julia, Thanks for asking! Sorry, we don’t have the pattern in larger sizes. Here are some tips for figuring it out yourself. Don’t be afraid to take notes on what works and what doesn’t and to rip out and restitch as needed. These notes are not a complete pattern and have not been tested and so the accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

      These notes ignore the ears.

      Start with the Rib. Add extra length during the repeat (Rows 2-59 in the pattern). This is the rib around the edge of the face, so measure it on an adult to make sure it is long enough.
      Follow the instructions for Row 60, but add extra stitches since the rib is longer.
      Follow Rows 61-64 as written, remembering that the stitch count will be longer but adding stitches on each end. All stitch counts will be longer throughout.
      For Row 65, hdc across.
      Row 66, follow as written; ignore the notes about unworked loops and just hdc during those sections.
      Rows 67-73, follow as written. Try on hoodie. Work across evenly for any additional rows needed to make the hoodie almost large enough for an adult head.
      For Rows 74-77, mark the middle stitch. Hdc across, working the hdc2tog on either side of the marked middle stitch.
      For the Shape Back of Hoodie, follow pattern as written. Adjust the decreases to be evenly spaced — you will need to change the number of stitches between the decreases.

      Follow Neck Edging as written, adding extra stitches as needed to make the edging stay flat. Follow Finishing as written.

  3. Margaret Harris

    Can you buy this yarn from Australia?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Margaret, Yes, you can! ships to Australia.

  4. Terri

    This new yarn is wonderful! I just got a skein at Michaels. I am going to try to make the cowl.
    Thank you Marly

  5. Pam Spell

    I want Marly for my BFF! Love your ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. Can’t wait to try this yarn. Can’t wait to make the shawl.

  6. Gigi H.

    I love the soft essentials yarn. I would like to make the shawl as shown in the video made with that yarn. Can you tell me where I can find the pattern or if you have made a video tutorial about it? Many thanks.

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