Marly Bird Teaches at Stitches Shows

Your favorite teacher is on the road with STITCHES teaching courses across the country!  Marly Bird will be teaching some great courses this year, so get ready to learn a new skill! There’s still time to sign-up for classes at both Stitches West and Stitches United.

Her courses this year include:

Easy Dual Cables
This is a little fancy knitting with traditional techniques. The Dual Cable class teaches knitters how to work with two colors at the same time while adding cables to the knitting. It is a new adventure in knitting for many and one that you will want to take many times over. On this adventure you learn how to make your very own pair of boot toppers!

Intermediate Interwoven Crochet
Discover crocheters answer to double knitting-Interwoven Crochet. Learn to work with two different yarns. Marly shares how to layer lacy stitches with other techniques. You’ll create reversible fabric, but it’s up to you whether both sides match!

Easy Four Play: How to Master DPN’s
Let Marly show you how to master those double-pointed needles. No more dropped needles, lost stitches, or unsightly runs in your knitting! Learn a unique, never-fail cast-on; how to keep the stitches between each needle join snug; and how a few tips and tricks along the way can help in your future knitting projects.

Intermediate Single-crochet Entrelac
Try something different. Crochet a fabric that resembles basket-weave! Entrelac isn’t only for knitters.
Get the look of basic entrelac with a crochet hook and single crochet! Amaze your friends with your new-found crochet skill. Create striking blankets, accessories, and garments. And have fun!

Intermediate Miter Me This, Miter Me That
Learn how to knit the building blocks of the knitting world. The mitered square has long been a staple in knitting design, and now it can be a staple in your knitter’s toolbox. These magical mitered squares are knit in a variety of stitches. Learn how to make one in garter, a mix of garter and stockinette, and plain stockinette as well as centered-decrease options for the center miter. These are joined-as-you-go squares make miters the perfect traveling project.

We hope to see you at one of her classes this year! Just click the links above to sign up for any of her classes.