Marly Bird’s YarnThing Podcast

Did you know that the talented Marly Bird, who does our great knit and crochet tutorial videos, also hosts a podcast? The YarnThing podcast connects knitters and crocheters, and it is live every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10am Mountain Time. Marly interviews designers, authors, and other people in the yarn industry that you might be excited to hear from. Plus, every show has prizes!

marly podcastingA podcast is a radio show on the Internet. Some, like Marly’s, you can listen to live just like a traditional radio show, including calling in. You can also listen to them later on-demand on your computer or smartphone.

To listen to the podcast live, go to the podcast page on BlogTalkRadio Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10am Mountain Time (12pm Eastern, 11am Central, and 10am Pacific). You’ll be able to call in on the listener number to enter to win prizes if you’re listening to the live show, or enter using the comments on the show notes if you listen a little later. Recent prizes have included a free Craftsy classes and knitting and crochet pattern books.

If you’d rather listen at a different time, the episodes are archived on BlogTalkRadio and on iTunes for free listening whenever suits your schedule.