Meet Mikey of the Crochet Crowd

There are many crocheters who love following the Crochet Crowd and learning from the videos that Mikey presents. We’d like to give you a behind the scenes idea of who Mikey really is. He reveals a bit about himself and his love for the crochet community.

1. You inspire us with your videos. What was your first video and why did you do it?
Throughout my life. I have always turned to crochet when my life was spiraling downward. I believe the act itself is a way of self healing and self validation when the world appears to be against you.
In 2008, I hit a low point in my life and turned back to crochet after putting it aside for a number of years. I had created an afghan for someone I cared about but, even though the person knew I made it for them, it was the wrong colour and the afghan was placed into the closet. I had turned to crochet to self heal myself, only to have my creation dismissed. I was really upset and hurt and it pushed me down even further.Michael Sellick, The Crochet Crowd Host
I had lost my one and only crochet book that helped me from the age of 14. I gave up sorting through boxes and decided to venture online to see if patterns are available, particularly new stitches, on the internet. At the time, I wasn’t really aware about YouTube, or the content on it. Videos were being suggested in searches. After reviewing a few videos, I realized that maybe I can make a difference in others by showing what I know without anything in return.
My first videos were tips about how to get started with crochet. I had maybe 10 – 20 views of the videos and I thought… there is 10 – 20 people that watched me. I got really great comments and feedback. I thought to myself, if I have more videos teaching more things, I could reach even more people.
I created my first videos by demonstrating how I did the afghan that was rejected. Needless to say now, the afghan was really admired by other crocheters who appreciated the time and my work I had done. I got the lift I needed through encouragement of others. It helped me heal quicker than just me sitting on the couch by myself for hours letting my mind spin in circles.
The first videos were created by me reaching out to the world… and with my effort, the world reached back to help me heal. The Crochet Crowd, and everything I do crochet related, was never planned. It was destined for me at the right time in my life.
2. How did you learn to crochet and how does that affect how you present crochet techniques?
My mom taught me how to chain and to double crochet. She didn’t know any other steps or any fancy stitches. It was as basic as basic gets. I feel like an explorer at times and knew from crafting shows that there’s so much more to crochet. When I was 14, I went to a hobby shop to purchase my first crochet book. From there, I began my journey of learning new stitches.
An unusual fact about me, the book I learned from had pictures, word instructions and crochet diagrams. Though I couldn’t grasp the technical words of crochet to remember what they meant, I could follow the diagrams with ease. Many people do not know that until The Crochet Crowd, I didn’t know that North American Terms of crochet were different from my book. My book was from the UK. A double crochet in my book was actually Single Crochet in American terms. When I first started teaching crochet online, I had no idea there was a difference. Received a lot of nasty comments about me not knowing my crochet stitches. It was a tough lesson. It forced me to modify my learning to read patterns and to put my UK Terms on the back burner as most of my fans are American. Being that I am Canadian, switching to North American Terms actually made sense.
Today, I am learning new stitches through the patterns I am teaching or going through. It’s nice to learn a new stitch but it’s even better to try it with a project to see if you really like it or it’s one of those stitches where you can claim that you have ‘been there, hooked it… time to move along!’
The way I hold my hook was taught from my mom. Over time, I have had to adapt to teaching crochet to match the technical books that are available on the market. Though some complain I don’t hold my hook right. The truth is this, when you find your own rhythm and it works, it’s not wrong… it is your own personal style!
3. What are a few of your most popular Red Heart videos? And can you tell us why you think they are so popular.Ocean Waves Afghan Crochet Pattern
The Top Hat Video is one of my most favourite videos created for Red Heart. If you have ever seen our Crochet Galleries of photos by our community, you will see The Top Hat Gallery to have over 120 different versions of the same pattern. The creativity within our community is phenomenal. Some of the hats created by our community are so incredible, they could be worn to a wedding or fancy reception easily.
The Juicy Fruits & Whipped Creme Afghan is another favourite of mine. Our community created over 245 version of this afghan. I bet you cannot just pick one from our Juicy Fruits Photo Gallery.
The best video of the year was The Ocean Waves Afghan. This afghan is popular as its a great stash buster and looks amazing. Due to the rippling affect looking like raised ridges, this afghan is unusual from the traditional wave afghans we see. Be inspired by seeing 520 version of this afghan in our Ocean Waves Photo Gallery.
4. What are your most favourite yarns?
·Red Heart With Love is my most favourite basic yarn. It is premium acrylic and the colours are rich and fabulous.
·Red Heart Gumdrop is my most favourite baby yarn today. It’s vibrant colours gives new moms the ability to have soft acrylic baby yarn in colours outside of the traditional pastel colours.
·Red Heart Boutique Treasure is one that I gravitate toward in virtually any project I do. The slowly changing colour yarn is like ‘buttah’. It makes me happy. It is so soft and it is rich looking without having to pay a lot of dollars for the look.
·Red Heart Boutique Midnight is one of the newest yarns I am falling in love with lately. Its soft texture and shimmer look really can make the ordinary into extraordinary.
One aspect of yarns that I am loving today is the fact that yarns can sparkle and shimmer without feeling rough or hard. In the old days, shimmering yarn would be hard on the hands to crochet or knit up. Today, the sparkle exists without compromising the softness of the yarn.
5. How can people subscribe to your YouTube channel so they know when there is a new video?
Subscribe at The Crochet Crowd YouTube Channel. You can also participate on The Crochet Crowd Facebook Community Page. Our team provides inspiration all day, every day with new ideas. Community members love to share their latest creations, tips and free patterns.
We also have a very active Pinterest page with tons of boards separated to make project finding easier.
6. What would the people that watch your videos be surprised to know about you?
I am just a regular person in a small town sharing my love for crochet. In person, I am introverted and keep to myself. I am very focused on goals and extremely ambitious to make the best of what life has to offer me.

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  1. MonaRay Belcher

    I really enjoy your youtube Red Heart Tunisian videos. . I’m currently trying to learn how to do a tunisian grafghan. So, with learning how to change colors, it would be nice to learn to correct way to weave in the ends. With all the videos I have look at they never seem to like to show the ” backside” of the piece or the way to weave the ends in. Video makes assumes that the watcher is an experinced hooks and that is not always the case.

  2. Ada Chabrier

    Hi Mikey need your help bought a patten from ravelry the c2c baby sweater and hat can’t understand it would love for you to do a tutorial on one I made the baby blanket watching your tutorial but now I’m lost please help me

    • redheart

      Hi Ada, Thanks for your question. Mikey no longer makes videos for us. Please contact him directly on his Crochet Crowd site or Facebook page.

  3. donna Rohrman

    Would love to see more videos, I’ve learned to love crochet again ,thanks to you. Would love to learn how to do lots more ,thank you so much

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