Mystery Crochet Along with Mikey from the Crochet Crowd

Are you ready for a Mystery Crochet Along?

Follow the clues for 4 weeks to create a mystery crochet project with Mikey. On Tuesday, April 1st, 2014, you will receive your first set of clues to begin. The rest of the clues will come every Tuesday on April 8, 12 and 22nd. You will have until May 6th, 2014 to send us an email with a photo of your finished project.

If you get our newsletters, you will be notified first and the clues delivered to your inbox. You can add yourself to our newsletters by simply signing up here.

To ensure you don’t disqualify yourself, don’t assume you know what the pattern is and finish it without all of the pattern being released. The clues must be followed so the pattern is completed. At the end, you can embellish or add y our own touches but the main pattern has to be completed done first. A random selection at the end will be chosen for receiving a fully loaded Red Heart Yarn Bag and Crochet Crowd Gifts.

You can always make more mystery projects. Each submission is a separate entry to qualify. You could even make multiple projects in stages throughout the 4 weeks. In all, this project took me 2 days to make from start to finish. Spreading it over 4 weeks can give anyone the advantage of doing several at the same time in stages without feeling burdened.

Part of the mystery is not knowing what it is. People are wanting to know which colours to pick… but that’s the fun. Each of us are going to have our interpretations for the same pattern. I would bet anyone right now that the finale is going to have an entire gallery of the most adorable bunch of projects you have ever seen.

Supplies List
1.  3 Colours of Red Heart Super Saver, Red Heart With Love and/or equivalent yarn. My sample is done with Red Heart With Love as it’s softer than Super Saver. 1 Colour of the 3 will be the main colour which you will need nearly 1 ball. The other two are accenting colours. I’m not going to tell you which colours. Based on the clues below, you may come up with your own ideas of what the item might be and use colours that you think would be great together. This will allow all of us to come up with many different colour versions of the same item.

2.  5.5 mm or Size I Crochet Hook

3.  Yarn Needle

4.  Stitch Markers

5.  1/2″ – 1″ Diameter Safety Eyes. My sample has 1/2″ but I wish they were slightly bigger. I highly recommend getting safety eyes that look more like real eyes with pupils. It will make your item look more realistic and far more cuter.

6.  Fiberfill Stuffing. (You can find this at Walmart) If you know how to crochet eyes, you can crochet them instead of using Safety Eyes.

7.  A Shoebox or storage box to store your items as you finish your homework each week.

For a list of rules and guidelines, please see guidelines.

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  1. Ed

    Mickey don’t know if you will receive this but would like to know where you get your thick handled crochet hooks from. I can’t find them locally. Can you help. Thanks for all the exciting projects you do.


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