National Hugging Day

I was looking at the calendar recently and noticed that just about every day of the week is named after something or someone. Some examples of this are National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, National Spouses Day and National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. I think some of them are silly, but one day that stands out to me is National Hugging Day. In 1986 Kevin Zaborney declared January 21st as National Hugging Day. He noticed that people seemed a little down after the Holidays and thought a hug might lift spirits. He did not think the idea would take off, but it did and in a big way. It is not only recognized in the United States, but in many other countries. Everyone needs a hug every once-in-a-while, right? His only advise is that you should ask permission before hugging a complete stranger.

Red Heart Yarn has taken the hugging idea a bit further by stitching a hug for someone who may need one. If you know someone that is sick, had a loss or just feeling down you can use your craft to knit or crochet a throw for them. It does not matter if you live next door or a thousand miles away, they will feel you hug them each time they use your gift. Get ideas and share your projects in the Stitch a Hug with Red Heart Facebook group.

See below for links to a knit and a crochet throw. Visit for many other knit and crochet options. #nationalhuggingday #stitchahug

Stitch a Hug Waves Throw
Knit in Comfort
Stitch a Hug Waves Throw Free Knitting Pattern LW5033
Stitch a Hug Cozy Throw
Crocheted in With Love
Stitch a Hug Cozy Throw Free Crochet Pattern LW4905

One thought on “National Hugging Day

  1. Berta Gilholm

    What a marvelous idea and one other thought; let’s all add to that; no complaints, protests, judgement s, physical or mental harm, snappy attitudes or disrespect that day. Just Hugs! Thanks for the information, Birdie Gee

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