NEON — The Ultimate POP of Color

Fashion-right neon colors are adding POPS of bright lively color wherever you go—for accessories, clothing and even home décor. So in case you haven’t noticed, here are some lively new Red Heart yarns in neon shades. You could be enjoying having them on your hooks and needles!

Reflective is our newest yarn to include neon colors. It is a bulky yarn with an amazing reflective thread that lights up when you take a flash photo. Choose these neon shades and you’ll love how you shine!

8242                                             8251                                              8671                                             8704

Here are some of the free patterns designed for Reflective:

Flashy Earflap HatFlashy Earflap Hat Knitting Pattern Color Block CowlColor Block Cowl Crochet Pattern Night Shine ScarfNight Shine Scarf Knitting Pattern

Heads Up offers the newest wave of modern neon shades in a beautiful acrylic bulky with just enough wool to give it amazing body (but still retains machine wash-ability). Choose from these colors for that bright neon style.





0251                                                                  0689                                                               0275





0779                                                                 0262                                                                 0229

Here are a few of the free patterns designed for Heads Up…if you would like to know how you would look in a certain color, try it out using our Color it Mine application. If you use your own photo, you can actually choose a pattern and then choose each of the colors to see how it would look on your own face. Or use Color it Mine without a photo. Either way, have fun test driving as many color choices as you wish.

Cool Stripes BeanieCool Stripes Beanie Crochet Pattern Striking Stripes HatStriking Stripes Hat Crochet Pattern Shells are Swell BeanieShells are Swell Beanie Crochet Pattern

Super Saver has been enjoying the neon party with 3 great shades: BlacklightDay Glow and Glowworm are all fabulous, too-bright-to-miss shades. They look great mixed with black.

Blacklight                                                    Day Glow                                                     Glowworm


Vivid takes neon to the max! This super bulky yarn is extra thick and extra quick to stitch. This is a great yarn for easy, trendy accessories.



So isn’t it time for a POP of neon in your wardrobe and home?