New Crochet Tools by Susan Bates

For all we talk about yarn, we sometime forget to mention the things that make our projects possible: crochet hooks and accessories! Susan Bates ® has released some really cool new items and we wanted to make sure you don’t miss out on a thing.


New Tools and Accessories

If you’re into crochet in a big way, (and we mean BIG) grab some extra chunky Irresistible yarn and the Xtreme Wood Crochet Hook! It’s made out of steamed beech wood and has a high polish for superior ‘stitch glide’.

Our updated basics include Silvalume SOFT ERGONOMIC™ Crochet Hooks, which have a great handle that helps your hands relax while you stitch. They have the same great color coding that all the Silvalume hooks have for easy size-spotting.

Silvalume SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT™ Crochet Hooks are just that, super light! Whether you’re crocheting a quick set of booties or a blanket, this hook’s in-line head and 100% aluminium handle will help ease hand strain. They’re available in single and double packs too, for easy stash-building!

Love your basic Silvalume crochet hooks, but wish they had a softer grip? Try out the new Crochet Hook Cushion Grips! Their soft sponge surface helps to ease hand strain and will fit crochet hooks from size F-5 to J-10.


Crochet Kit

If you’re just starting out, teaching someone, or just need a reminder the updated Learn Crochet Kit is a great place to start! The book has 15 great projects, and includes instructions on left and right handed crochet basics. Plus you get a great collection of goodies like 5 crochet hooks, a pair of folding scissors, stitch markers and more!