New Red Heart catalog is now on-line!

The 2012-2013 Red Heart catalog is now available online. It features 10 brand new yarns and lots of new colors in existing yarns! I love when you view it online you can actually turn the pages and hear the sound and see what’s new. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating new yarns and colors for you!

Download your free copy today! 

2 thoughts on “New Red Heart catalog is now on-line!

  1. Josefina Naveros

    I have always been using Red Heart Super Saver yarns…now I am having a hard time finding certain color yarns or where they are sold…Looking for Red Heart Super Saver yarn Art. E300 color: 0967 Holly & Ivy…..Dye lot: 9260 2810091 or something close to that color dye lot. Really could use the help so I can finish the project I started. Any information is greatly appricated

    Thank you

    • redheart

      Dear Josie, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, Holly & Ivy has been discontinued for several years and we do not have any stock. Additionally, we are unable to match dye lots in stock. You may be able to find some of the color elsewhere online. Our current red/white/green color is 979 Mistletoe, but it is not the same print pattern as Holly & Ivy.

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