New Year…New Calendar…Outstanding Throws

Each month of 2015 we featured a special throw pattern. You may have saved them (or some of them) to your favorites list in We’ve combined all 12 of these outstanding Throws of the Month into an easy-to-view eCalendar for the New Year. You can either print out the whole calendar, or print out just the pages for the current month. You can also use it in the digital version…just download it to your computer’s desktop for easy reference any time you need a calendar.

And when you need the free pattern for any of the throws, click on the link at the lower right of each monthly page.

We hope your New Year is filled with crochet and knit delights and that you enjoy this eCalendar all through the year!

Download the free 2016 eCalendar!

18 thoughts on “New Year…New Calendar…Outstanding Throws

  1. Maureen

    Thank you so much. Beautiful throws looking forward to trying a couple if them for next Christmas.

    • redheart

      Hi Kim, Thank you for your question. Sorry, we only have a crochet version.

  2. Jennifer Krizmanich

    I can not wait to make each of these throws! What a great calendar :)

  3. Maschelle Mashburn

    This is a WONDERFUL idea! I can’t wait to look over this little crochet lovers dream of a calender! Thank you, Red Heart!

  4. Brenda

    What a nice surprise to find in your email newsletter today. Thanks!! I’ll share this post link on my Blog.

  5. Anonymous

    Got the calendar but couldn’t get the patterns was hoping to.

    • redheart

      Hi! Sorry, what are you having trouble with for the patterns?

  6. Arden

    Thank you so much, I will enjoy both the calendar and patterns

  7. Lucienne

    Lovely patterns, but I would also have liked knitting throws calendar.

  8. Karen Blair

    Y’all are fantastic! Love your newsletter, patterns, ideas – and the service is super. Calendar is a fantastic idea. Gift to me: color printer for this cool stuff. Thanks again.

  9. Eliesa Davis

    Rather unfair that they are all crochet patterns. I find less and less support for knitters by Red Heart. Very disappointing to me.

  10. Bunnycakes

    Hi Bobbie, Love these patterns and the calendar! Thank you and Red Heart for this neat gift. If I might offer just a few suggestions for the downloaded pattern documents? 1) It would be so nice to have a very defined photo of the completed afghan, lying flat and complete; perhaps using a black background for the lighter items and ivory for the darker ones. The photos with people using the items are so pretty and I love them for the calendar, but having a simple and complete one within the instruction/pattern would be perfect. 2) For some of the special stitches, it would be great to have some close-up photos of them; complete and step by step. Again, having these within the pattern would enhance your great gift and possibly encourage a tentative crocheter to dive in and try a more complicated one. 3) When using my afghans, I find myself curled up with a book ( or my iPad-often both) and my kitty. She loves to snuggle in. Maybe a calendar photo or two including a book reader with their kitty? and an iPad reader with their pup? Just some thoughts as I start my planning of which one to start first and all the beautiful Red Heart yarn I’m going to buy! Yay!!

    • redheart

      Dear Ruth, Thank you for your question! We did not do a calendar for 2015.

  11. LakeladyP

    I am SO happy you have a whole calendar of crochet! I can’t wait to get started.

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