Now What Size Hook Did I Use?

How many of you have ever found a long ago forgotten project? It might be in the back of the closet, in your tote bag, maybe even in the trunk of your car. Sometimes I have 5 or 6 projects on my hooks, and when I pick them back up I can’t remember which size hook I used. Here’s a clever way to help you remember what size hook you need when you pick up that unfinished object, (UFO as I like to call them).

All you need are some locking stitch markers and some alphabet beads. Make sure the beads have openings big enough for the stitch marker to slip through. (I found the square alphabet beads work the best.) Sort through the beads and find corresponding letters to the crochet hook you used. Place one of these markers on your project the next time you lay it down. No more guessing. The next time you pick up your crochet work you’ll know exactly which hook to use.StitchMarkers2 - small

I like to use larger hooks, which is why you see H, I, J, K, P and Q among the photos.

These alphabet stitch markers would make a great gift for your friends, and family who crochet. The beads and stitch markers can be found at your local craft store. These make very practical, and inexpensive gifts, and can be placed into a pretty jar or container when you present them to the lucky recipient.

StitchMarkers3---croppedStitchMarkers4 - small

Happy Stitching!!!

Yarn pictured: Super Saver Economy
Bright Yellow E300-324
Butterfly E300-3953








27 thoughts on “Now What Size Hook Did I Use?

  1. Kat penley

    this is a hreat idea Please send offers or free patterns to my email Thank you!!

    • redheart

      Hi Kat, In order to get offers and some ideas of free patterns, you will need to sign up for our email list. You can sign up at Just go to the black bar at the top of the screen, and “newsletter sign-up” is in the middle. Additionally, you can access any of the Free Patterns on our website without any registration.

    • Judy Mock

      What an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Jan Helsel

    All you need is the little plastic thingy off the bread and bun bags. Just write the size hook on the plastic bread bag thingy with a permanent marker and clip it to your project. Doesn’t cost a thing.

    • Mary

      I do that too. I’ve had the plastic markers before, very poor life span, mine would break after 4 uses or so. If I were using this tip I’d use safety pins.

    • Lynne B

      Thanks Jan, I love new ideas for things l already save! Since I often use a different size hook than the pattern calls for this would solve my problem. And there would be room specific info- bamboo, metal, etc. as l am always trying different hooks!

  3. Kathy Cerillo

    What a clever idea. I’ll do that with the next WIP. Now all I have to do is figure out what hook for all the 12 WIP’s I have tucked away somewhere. But like you, I like to use larger hooks for afghans, it’s the baby things I’ll have to try anything – hit and miss.

  4. Lisa Poole

    Your idea is grand for the fully sighted. I am vision impaired and use a large print work in progress sheet of 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper with project name, where the pattern is at in my computer, hook size with name of hook ( as they all work differently) and colors of yarn and yarn weight I am using.

    • G Morgan

      Great hint in the first place and I use the bread wrapper tags, as well.
      I also found an app in the Amazon app store called ‘Knitting Buddy’. You can list all of your hooks, needle pairs, yarn stash and projects. All of my hooks are tagged with what WIP they are in use.
      On my Android tablet, the stitch calculator isn’t much use (stretched) and it won’t be a flashlight, but for my use, its pretty useful.

  5. Dona B.

    I love this idea!! Going to have to get me some stitch markers and alphabet beads. ❤️

  6. nancy

    Good idea, but these particular stich marker are not very good as they break easily. After using them 3-4 times they all broke….If they were made of metal it would make more sense….

  7. Kris staley

    My favorite way is to take a picture as soon as I start of the project, the hook, AND the label from the yarn so I can match brand/color/lot later on!

  8. Angela (

    What a genius idea! I’m sure there are lots of clever ways to mark this, thanks for the tip. I always have this problem, especially with afghans!

  9. Carolanne W

    Thanks for a wonderful idea! I have had that happen to me several times and I usually fumble around until I find the right hook.

  10. Kathy Abernathy

    Since crochet hooks may vary slightly, I have multiple hooks and leave the hook in with the UFO.

  11. Cecelia Knuckles

    I also have bad luck with stitch markers but never with the big safety pins….no little one around to worry about so the big pins are safe …just have to be careful not to split the yarn when attaching the pin. Love the bead idea, thanks.

  12. Crystal

    Fantastic idea. I don’t think you have to worry about the stitch markers breaking after several uses. These would sit in the project not be moved every X number of rows like in a detailed knitting pattern but, personally, I’ve not had problems with the stitch markers shown.

    Thanks for the tip!

  13. Phyllis

    Great idea,beads. I put needle and project in bag.

  14. Kim

    Depending on how elaborate you want to get, you can buy some very creative markers on Etsy. I did go a little wild with that, but it’s fun to see them dangling from my pieces. And I DO need to be reminded what hook I was using. I start way too many projects at one time. :-)

  15. Liliana Marta

    I take a picture with my phone knitting and Needle
    But I’ll apply the other amazing ideas
    You are providing

  16. Diana

    what a great idea and very simple to do.

  17. Bonnye Black

    Most of the time I do afghans that have a simple repeating pattern. I drill a hole in the end of a popsicle stick and write the stitch sequence on the stick with a Sharpie, note the hook size and use a stitch marker or safety pin to attach to my work. Then I don’t have to quess when I go back to the project.

  18. Beth

    this is a terrific idea! :) I keep using my hooks from current projects on new projects then can’t remember which hooks I used! I’m going to do this!

  19. Paula

    This is a fabulous idea. Thank you! 👍🏽👏🏽

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