Olek’s #LoveAcrosstheUSA Crocheted Murals

Crochet artist Olek has released the first two parts of her new #LoveAcrosstheUSA community mural project: a mural of Harriet Tubman in Auburn, NY and a mural of Susan B. Anthony in Rochester, NY. The murals were made by combining hundreds of 2′ x 2′ crocheted squares made by dozens of community volunteers.

The idea for the #LoveAcrosstheUSA project came several months ago, when Olek started wanting to celebrate the achievements of American women in a visible manner. She plans to do a mural project in each state, featuring a notable woman in each one.

Community workshops were held in Auburn and Rochester to distribute the Red Heart Super Saver yarn to be used in the murals and give out the patterns. Participants had a wide range of skill levels, from decades of experience to newcomers learning to crochet at the workshops.. Each participant double crocheted 1 to 3 squares by following a color chart. Some squares were entirely pink, while others had white and/or black. The different colors appeared meaningless when the squares are viewed individually, but when put together they form the images, words, and borders on the murals.

Harriet Tubman lived in Auburn most of her life after her escape from slavery, and the mural is on the Schweinfurth Art Center. Susan B. Anthony lived in Rochester, and the mural is on the building of SewGreen@Rochester, a community organization teaching needlework and promoting sustainability via recycling and reusing craft supplies.

Follow along on social media to see how you can get involved when the project comes to your state. On Instagram you can follow the project on Olek’s Instagram (@oleknyc), the @LoveAcrosstheUSA Instagram, or see the community involvement with the #LoveAcrosstheUSA hashtag on Instagram. You can also see  the Love Across the USA Facebook page, the #LoveAcrosstheUSA hashtag on Twitter,