Olek’s Pink House

Olek is known for covering large sculptures and objects, from construction equipment to the Wall Street bull and shows no sign of stopping. This time she’s covered an entire houses with crochet panels in Pretty N Pink Super Saver!

As usual, Olek reached out to the communities in both Kerava, Finland and Avesta, Sweden to help her stitch up these huge project. Her motivation for the house is to create a symbol of universal community.

“We live in challenging times, a changing world filled with conflict, wars and natural disasters. But I like to think that it’s also a world filled with love.

Our pink house is about the journey, not just about the artwork itself. It’s about us coming together as a community. It’s about helping each other… People from all walks of life came together to make this project possible.”

“The pink house, our pink house is a symbol of a bright future filled with hope”

Kerava Art Museum: Our Pink House by Olek from Sinkka on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Olek’s Pink House

  1. RC

    What a waste…i’m sorry, but all that effort & materials could have been put to a worthy cause(s) such as blankets for the needy/homeless, newborn/preemie baby caps/blankets, etc., I find this a huge waste in every since…& i’m an avid crocheter…Just think how beneficial that could have been, it’s just sad!!!

  2. RD

    I agree with RC – hopefully the yarn will now be re-used for some of the causes mentioned in the reply.

  3. MC

    It is NOT a waste of yarn or effort! People were brought together to work on a piece of art on a massive scale, and thus, a community was born. This art project lifted the hearts and spirits of the people who worked in it, and the people who looked at it. There must always be room for art’s sake. As it has been said before, we will always have the poor and the homeless. And even, they too, need their hearts and spirits lifted up. At the end of the exhibition, we don’t know what the artist has in mind. But one thing has been accomplished, through crochet, a group of people created an art project that brought them together with joy, laughter and camaraderie even for a little while in this much troubled world we live in. Kudos to the artist and people who brought to reality the artist’s vision!

  4. Denise

    Totally agree with RC! What is the point of covering all these things? I assume it is because you get more media coverage by covering large objects than for making afghans, hats, scarfs for people in need.

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