Olivia & Her Scarves

Olivia Anderson, age 11, has a chronic illness. She has a pump to give her medicine 24 hours a day, and regularly has to miss school. But throughout, she makes Sashay scarves to share. Read about Olivia’s story here.

Update: Since this post was originally published, Olivia has passed away from her condition. She was surrounded by her family. If you would like to do something in Olivia’s memory, she loved her doll from an organization called Feel Better Friends that gives personalized handmade dolls to ill children. They accept knit and crochet dolls.

SashayFrillyCrochetScarfOlivia has pulmonary hypertension, which has required several surgeries, time in the hospital, and ongoing treatment. During her free time, she makes scarves from Boutique Sashay and Boutique Sassy Fabric for the people around her: “teachers, nurses, friends, children and anyone who has made her feel better and who has given her hope throughout all of her surgeries and hospitalizations”, according to her grandmother Lynn Bradshaw.

By making the scarves, Olivia can focus on something other than her illness and how she feels. It is a regular activity that she can do at home or in the hospital, and it allows her to express her appreciation for others. Knitting and crocheting can help reduce stress, as well as allow for the satisfaction of a job well done.

Currently Olivia is working on scarves for other children with her disease.

You can get patterns to make your own Sashay scarves (Boutique Sashay Knit Scarf pattern and Boutique Sashay Crochet Scarf pattern) and Sassy Fabric scarves (Boutique Sassy Fabric Knit Scarf pattern and Boutique Sassy Fabric Crochet Scarf pattern).

Learn more about pulmonary hypertension at the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.


8 thoughts on “Olivia & Her Scarves

  1. Lynn Bradshaw

    Thank you for posting on your blog our Olivia’s story. We appreciate the kindnesses of those at Red Heart who have helped draw attention to Olivia’s “phight,” the PH Association and the need for pediatric medications. Olivia continues to make scarves and has recently become interested in needlepoint with, of course, Red Heart Yarn.

    Our thanks and best wishes to you,
    Olivia’s Grandma Lynn

  2. Carol Libbey

    To Lynn, Olivia’s grandmother–What a wonderful little knitter. I am willing she could beat me hands down knitting a scarf. As a retired nurse, I am impressed with Olivia’s bravery in her life. Is there an address one might send a note or perhaps some yarn? Hi Olivia–love your smile. Carol

  3. Wilhelmina Sonser

    Hi Olivia from cold Canada a warm hello your work is beautiful! And giving your scarfs to the nurses is so sweet I have some yarn that I would like to send you -after all we all need a little extra for our stash! how do we share some of our stash? Please let us know and stay strong and keep smiling you need to keep those nurses guessing what mischief you have been up to!!!!

  4. Carrie H

    I, too, “vacation” in the hospital often. I crochet while I am in the hospital and when I am at home in bed. I have a yarn stash that I hope to out live. I too, would like to send Olivia some of the yarn she likes. If she needs any supplies, please let us know (the knitters and crocheters). We are a sharing bunch. We always have extra! Even if we have to go out and get it, it is still extra.

  5. Alma

    Hi Olivia from freezing Chicago :) my name is Alma , I admire your strength , keep going I found In the knitting and the crocheting the peace that I need , helps me a lot to relax :) , also I would like to send you some yarn from my country Mexico , I go every year and I get as much as I can and I would like o share some with you , when I knitt I listen Yanni’s music it’s very relaxing , hope you can read my message, keep smiling no matter what :) me and my family will pray for you and your family :) , blessings 3) xoxoxo. :)
    Alma :)

  6. LInda Taday

    Olivia you are such a caring young lady! I would like to send you an Angel that I made from sea glass. You can wear it on a chain or clip it on your knitting bag. Everyone needs a Guardian Angel.
    Mermaids kisses,

  7. Lynn Bradshaw

    Thank you to Red Heart and to those of you who displayed caring and kindness for Olivia.

    It is through tears that I must tell you Olivia passed away on January 17, 2015 from cardiac arrest related to her pulmonary hypertension. She was in the hospital being assessed for a lung transplant at the time and she was surrounded by her parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle and her closest cousins when her spirit took flight.

    Olivia had fun with the donation of yarn provided by Red Heart and she took supplies of yarn for scarves and needlepoint with for her hospital stay.

    We will continue the PHight for pediatric research through the PHassociation. For those of you who love to crochet or knit, there is an organization that provides dolls called “Feel Better Friends” for ill children. The volunteers provide personalized crocheted dolls and send them to the children for no charge. Olivia loved hers. She slept with it and carried it with her everywhere she went. If you would like to volunteer, the organization can be found at http://www.fbfdolls.org.

    Love to all of you. You will always be a part of us.

    Olivia’s Grandma Lynn

  8. Jackie

    Hi Lynn, I am so sorry to read your last post. You must be so proud of Olivia, what a beautiful soul she had <3 Best wishes to your family in your time of sorrow, regards Jackie

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