Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space with Crochet!

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy – and outdoors! As we hose off the lawn chairs and shake out the camping equipment, don’t forget to add those special soft touches that make your outdoor living space an extension of your home. Here are 10 free crochet patterns featuring Red Heart Yarns that will help you make the most of your outdoor space!

10 Free Crochet Patterns Perfect for Outdoor Living

  1. Pocket Placemats by Stitch & Hustle – Eating outside is one of summer’s great pleasures – make it even better with these handy placemats made with Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie!Summer Table Setting
  2. Turqua Spring Wreath by EyeLoveKnots: Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays! Make this pretty wreath outdoor-ready with Red Heart Super Saver!Turqua Spring Wreath
  3. Crochet Cactus Potholders by Moogly: Keep your outdoor glass tabletop safe from those hot-off-the-grill dishes with these summery cacti made with Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie!
  4. Windsock Crochet Pattern by Posh Pooch Designs: Add color and movement to your yard with this pretty pattern, featuring Red Heart Super Saver!Windsock Crochet Pattern
  5. Plaid Picnic Throw by Ann Regis for Red Heart: Picnics are always improved with plaid throws – this one in Red Heart Soft is perfect for a little al fresco dining – or snuggling!Plaid Picnic Throw - Free Crochet Pattern
  6. Houndstooth Squares Blanket by Moogly: Another great outdoor-ready yarn is Red Heart Comfort Chunky – get ready for the drive-in faster when you crochet with bulky yarn!Houndstooth Squares Blanket
  7. Stylish Outdoor Mat by Jamie Swiatek for Red Heart: Red Heart Crochet Nylon is ideal for crocheting outdoor projects – like this gorgeous round placemat (or chair cover)!Stylish Outdoor Mat - free crochet pattern
  8. Big Blooms Solar Flower Covers by Snappy Tots: Solar lights are lovely in the evening for outdoor spaces – why not dress yours up to be just as pretty during the day with Red Heart Super Saver?Big Solar Blooms
  9. Crochet Stadium Seat Cover by Michele Maks for Red Heart: Add a soft landing to wooden chairs and benches so you can settle in for some sun and fun – with Red Heart Team Spirit sports fans can even stay on theme!Crochet Stadium Seat Cover - Free Crochet Pattern
  10. Crochet Mandala by Naztazia: This huge dream catcher is worked with Red Heart Super Saver – and a hula hoop! You can add a lot of color to your outdoor space with one or more of these!crochet-mandala-dream-catcher-doily-hula-hoop

What are you planning to crochet for your outdoor space this year? Have a great idea that didn’t make the list? There are so many possibilities for bringing the indoors out with yarn. Be sure to share your favorite ideas in the comments! And happy crocheting!

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space with Crochet! by Tamara Kelly from Moogly

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