Part 2 of 3 Getting past being a beginner scarf maker…and get into the holidays

In September I reflected on how beginners might take the next step in their knitting and crochet hobby. Now that the holidays will be here soon, there are many ways to use yarn to make the season bright. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy your craft, add loving touches to your home and give homey things to friends and family.

For newbie crocheters here are a few ideas for the holiday season…. Of course, experienced crocheters who want to make it quick will be interested in these, too….perhaps you could have a yarn decorating and gift party and help each other with your projects!

Hoot Owl Ornament                                                          Fa-la-la-la Reindeer Bottle Top
He’s so cute you might want him                                    It’s the perfect way to
around all year long!                                                         personalize a friendly bottle.














Holiday Light Bulb Garland                                              Cat Paws Christmas Stocking
Decorate a tree, hang it on the mantel                          Because we all know someone who
or drapery rod, or wrap it on a wreath.                         treats their cat like a member of the family.














Dog Paws Christmas Stocking
Dog owners treat their dogs to gifts
even more than cat owners!














Here are some of our crochet videos you might find helpful… click on the topic to go to each YouTube video.
1. Getting Started: hook, holding yarn, slip knot, chain stitch
2. Single crochet
3. Taller Crochet Stitches
4. Working Crochet in Rounds
5. How to read a crochet pattern
6. Crochet Stitch Placement
7. Crochet Finishing Techniques


For newbie knitters that want to step out of scarf making mode, here are some easy knit projects…

Santa Gnome Ornaments                                                 Snowman Jar Cozy
Here’s a project to try knitting in the                              This inexpensive glass jar can be filled
round…or you can knit flat and do                                 with the recipient’s favorite treats (maybe
seaming.                                                                              chocolate kisses or pistachios).














Trio of Party Trees                                                              Santa Hat
Knit these in any colors you use for                                Everyone can get into the spirit of the
your Christmas decorating.                                              holidays when wearing this hat!














Here are the links to some knit videos you might find helpful… click on the topic to go to each YouTube video.
1. Measuring Knit Gauge
2. Provisional Casting On
3. Seaming Knitting
4. Weaving In Ends-Knit
5. The Knit Stitch
6. The Purl Stitch
7. Casting on Methods
8. Knitting in the Round
9. Knitting with Double Pointed Needles
10. How to make a slip, slip, knit (ssk) decrease
11. Learn Four Ways of Binding Off

If you have other suggestions for Red Heart patterns that you think new knitters and crocheters would like, post the pattern number here so others can find them.