Patterns from the 2016 Yarn Collection

Did you know we launched nine new yarns in 2016? Here are our favorite patterns that go along with the new yarns. Be sure to check out all of the other free patterns we designed as well! Click on the image to go to the free pattern.

Let’s start out with our favorite basic yarn, Fashion Soft! It’s great for easy to wear garments and accessories.


We love this Gleam shawl, it’s perfect with jeans and dressed up for parties.


Speaking of parties, Unforgettable Waves will make a splash wherever you wear it.


If you want to make an impact, look no further than Irresistible. It takes jumbo yarn to another level! It’s great for accessories and home décor.












Have a great book waiting to be read? The Soothing Comfort Shawl in Strata would be great for cozying up on the couch.



Speaking of cozy places, Sweet yarn is just the right thing for this throw.


Keep things warm and casual with this neon-colored Tweed Twist hat.

Bright In-Style Hat Free Knitting Pattern LW4975

We didn’t forget baby this year, introducing Baby Hugs in medium and light weights and bright, modern colors!

Newborn Cozy Cap Free Knitting Pattern LW5178Colorful Striped Pullover Free Crochet Pattern LW5200











If you love our Scrubby yarn, check out Scrubby Sparkle! (We love it so much we had to include more than one project!)

Strawberry Sparkle Scrubby
Crocheted in Scrubby Sparkle
Strawberry Sparkle Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5310
Shiny Scrubby Monster
Crocheted in Scrubby Sparkle
Shiny Scrubby Monster Free Crochet Pattern LW5464
Celebration Garland
Crocheted in Scrubby Sparkle
Celebration Garland Free Crochet Pattern LW5304

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  1. Nadine Reiter

    First I have to “THANK YOU”. Red heart has brought crocheting back into my life. Even though I’m unable to afford the lovely yarn you have , I use what scraps I can. I have a new grandbaby coming in march 2017,and the patterns I have seen amaze and awwwww me. Your web sight is amazing. I hope to go from a beginner to a expert in no time because of red heart. TY Nadine. R

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