Picture Perfect – Behind the Scenes with Red Heart

With this month being Fashion Week in New York we thought it would be fun to show our readers what it’s like behind the scenes at a Red Heart or Boutique photo shoot. There’s a tremendous amount of hard work and creativity that goes into every shoot. We work with a talented team of photographers, makeup artists, stylists and their assistants to bring you beautiful and inspiring images each month that feature our amazing yarns and creative projects.

A successful shoot comes in all in the attention to detail. We meet early on prep day to go over all of the items that are going to be shot and discuss how to best showcase them. Then our team of stylists gets to work choosing clothes and accessories that will perfectly complement each item.  On the day of the shoot models arrive early to get into hair and makeup.  Isn’t it good to know that even models need a little help to look so great?  Hair and makeup stay on set throughout the day to continually touch up their work to make sure the hair is camera ready and the makeup picture perfect.

IMG_2910      makeup      hair

Location, Location, Location!

Whether you shoot in the studio or on location, where you shoot is an important part of composing a winning image. We recently shot a wonderful Bridal spread for Aunt Lydia’s Crochet thread. Look for some very romantic patterns coming soon.  We needed the setting to appear like a spring wedding. Try finding a patch of green in the middle of December! So we went south and shot at lovely estate near Atlanta GA.  It’s still pretty chilly in Atlanta in December but our models were real troupers.  Most fashion is shot out of season.  Spring and summer looks are shot in winter and Fall in the dead of summer heat.

outdoor1      outdoor2
Ready to Roll!

Once all the prep for the shoot is complete its show time! Lighting is key to any successful shot.  The photographers we work with are masters of lighting and know how to capture every subtle detail of a garment.  It’s so important to see the stitching and how the project is put together.

inside      camera