Have you checked out this site yet – it is seriously addictive, so you must drop what you are doing and check it out now (after you read this blog!)

This site is the hottest trend since Facebook and is gaining in popularity every day.  So what’s it all about you ask?  Pinterest is like an online bulletin board that you can pin items to from existing Pinterest boards or from anywhere on the web or you can upload you own photos!berrythrow

How does it work?  Say you want to get some ideas on color mixing for your next afghan project,  you can create an “AFGHAN COLOR MIXES” board and as you are browsing the web, save all the photos you like to this board and voila! Instant inspiration!  The possibilities are endless!  See what your friends are pinning and what other people who pin the same things you pin are pinning and start following people who inspire you. Seriously who thinks of this cool stuff!

We at Red Heart have just begun to pin so check out some of our boards and follow us or specific boards to see what inspires us!   Watch us grow as we begin to explore Pinterest ourselves. So far we have 20 boards with everything  from color to heart shaped food.

scarfFirst, you will need to go to and sign up for an invitation to pin.  Once you have an account, the sky’s the limit!  What are you waiting for, go forth and pin!

Find Red Heart on Pinterest at: