Precious Puppies 3 Colorful Ways

When the precious grey knit puppy arrived from designer Michele Wilcox, we knew by the reaction of everyone that he was going to be popular. The people in the office wanted to touch the soft Fur and cuddle our lovable fella. His small size and endearing personality allows him to go along with you, where ever. And he’s washable, so he can be given a bath when he needs it.

So since we all loved him so much, Michele designed a second version for crocheters that was equally irresistible, in Polar with Slate ears. Then someone said that he would look even cuter in a bright color, so we made a third puppy in the pretty Azalea hue.

My Precious Puppy
Knit in Boutique Fur and Super Saver
My Precious Puppy
Precious Puppy
Knit in Boutique Fur and Super Saver
Precious Puppy
Irresistible Crochet Puppy
Crocheted in Boutique Fur and Super Saver
Irresistible Crochet Puppy

Of course, you can choose from any of the wonderful Red Heart Boutique Fur colors for your own furry friend.

Boutique Fur in Cobalt Boutique Fur in Polar Boutique Fur in Azalea Boutique Fur in Seamist
Boutique Fur in Eggplant Boutique Fur in Smoke Boutique Fur in Slate Boutique Fur in Teaberry

Notes from designer:

I spoke with the designer about knitting and crocheting with this fur yarn because I wanted to know whether she ran into any challenges. She said the Fur yarn is really fast to work with and that it is very forgiving. Your stitches can be uneven or you might miss a stitch….but no one will ever know. And surprisingly, shedding was NOT a problem. She used the regular worsted weight Super Saver to sew his head and legs to the body.

I’m thinking this is the perfect go to pattern for gifts. For birthdays, get well wishes or any occasion, this may be just the thing to put a smile on someone’s face!

Watch for additional 3 Colorful Ways throughout the year!

Corner-to-Corner Throw 3 Colorful Ways
Lacy Cowl 3 Colorful Ways

17 thoughts on “Precious Puppies 3 Colorful Ways

  1. lin

    love them all the favorite of mine is the Irresistible Crochet Puppy

  2. Gail Demaree

    I love them all. Can we get a pattern for them? They would be cute to make for Easter. Thanks.

  3. marilyn

    I actually love them all!! But can only vote for 1.

  4. Gail Demaree

    Never mind I found the patterns…Thanks.

    • redheart

      Hi Karen, Thanks for your question! To download, you can click on one of the pictures of the puppies on the blog post to go to the main pattern page. The main pattern page for each pattern has the PDF download as well as the list of supplies you can buy to make it. Here are the direct links to the main pattern pages: My Precious Puppy (grey, knit); Precious Puppy (pink, knit); and Irresistible Crochet Puppy (black and white, crochet).

  5. Sandra

    I love all, but if I had to choose, it would be the black and white one, sooooo cute!

  6. Susan Acevedo

    The black and white one reminds me of my Shih Tzu. I might crochet one for my grandson.

  7. Conni

    They are all adorable but since the Pink and Gray are Knit and I prefer Crochet I voted for the Black and White :) Thank you for sharing this pattern!

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