Pumpkins + Crochet = Fabulous Fall Decor

When designer Lisa Gentry at Hook & Needle Designs told me she was working on designs for pumpkins using all Red Heart yarns, my curiosity was aroused. She usually designs beautiful crocheted and knitted garments. So I asked her to send me photos of what she was doing with pumpkins (of all things). She sent me her eBook, which is a creative collection of 13 crocheted Pumpkin Toppers. It includes patterns and ideas for displaying your crochet talents on top of pumpkins all around your house, both inside and out.

PumpkinToppers-Lisa-Gentry-1The pumpkin designs are perfect for the whole Fall season, including Thanksgiving and Halloween. They range from quick and easy yarn designs to lacy designs in crochet thread that may take a bit more time. The sizes are varied from small to larger pumpkins, both real and faux. Some designs feature beads and others show the addition of appliqués. Patterns are presented in traditional words and also include clearly drawn charts.


If you would like to crochet your way into the Fall season, the Pumpkin Toppers eBook is available for instant download for $7.99 here from Ravelry.






One thought on “Pumpkins + Crochet = Fabulous Fall Decor

  1. Darlene

    I so love this idea
    I made one of the pumpkin toppers
    These are fun and quick to made
    I say try one you will want to make several.

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