Quick Gifts for Officemates

Are you looking for ideas to knit and crochet quickly for the people you live with at the office? Here are some ideas that may fit the bill!

For those who appreciate a good doughnut or cupcake and are happiest with coffee to sip…

LW2259 Doughnut OrnamentLW2259 Doughnut Ornament LW2261 Cupcake OrnamentLW2261 Cupcake Ornament LW3029 Snowman Mug HugLW3029 Snowman Mug Hug

For the charming guy or gal with the nice smile…

LW4734 Flashy Striped Scarf LW4734 Flashy Striped Scarf LW4863 Buttoned NeckwrapLW4863 Buttoned Neckwrap LW4405 Create Some Charm Hat LW4405 Create Some Charm Hat

To keep her warm even when the office is drafty…

LW4911-7 Uniquely You Party Cowl LW4911-7 Uniquely You Party Cowl LW4556 One-Ball Finger-Chain Scarf LW4556 One-Ball Finger-Chain Scarf LW2893 Snowy Arm WarmersLW2893 Snowy Arm Warmers

Critters to decorate the cubicle or hang on their tree…

LW4621 Cheerful Holiday Penguin                   LW2267 Sock Monkey Ornament
LW4621 Cheerful Holiday PenguinLW2267 Sock Monkey Ornament







A Scrubby bath mitt for the person who has earned some relaxation time…

LW5017 Holiday Mitten Scrubby
LW5017 Holiday Mitten Scrubby

A gift of baked goodies or candies, for those who are sweet (or you wish were sweeter)…

LW3704 Snowflake Sweet Treat Wrapper         LW3671 Cabled Jar Cozies
LW3704 Snowflake Sweet Treat WrapperLW3671 Cabled Jar Cozies








And last but not least . . . Coasters for the person who throws the best parties.

LW3708 Snowflake Coasters
LW3708 Snowflake Coasters

I hope you find these ideas helpful as you remember the people in your life this giving season!

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    Thank you all for your great hard work Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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