Radiating Ripple Throw 3 Colorful Ways

The crochet ripple pattern is a true classic in the world of crochet. It can be varied in many ways, but always looks striking and is wonderful to have living with you on your sofa or favorite chair. This Radiating Ripple was first designed by Cristin Berrafato using an array of 17 different colors of Super Saver. It was soon one of the most downloaded patterns on our site and so was a natural choice to use for our “3 Colorful Ways” feature pattern.

We re-crocheted it in With Love using 5 colors that are now popular in modern room décor of our favorite furniture collections. Then we crocheted it a third time in Classic using just 6 shades in a neutral color scheme. This combination is easy to coordinate with many home color palettes and has a nice artisan feel.

Classic Super Saver With Love

If you don’t see a color combo that you’d like to live with, I encourage you to come up with your own. Or maybe do a scrap throw changing colors every row and just use whatever color that fits your mood the day you crochet it.

We’d love to know which of our versions you’d most like to live with… Go below the photos to the voting app and click on your choice.

If you crochet your Radiating Ripple in other colors, please share it with us on our Facebook page. Your choice may be an inspiration to someone else!

5-Color Radiating Ripple Throw
Crocheted in With Love
5-Color Radiating Ripple Throw
Radiating Ripple Throw
Crocheted in Super Saver
Radiating Ripple Throw
6-Color Radiating Ripple Throw
Crocheted in Classic
6-Color Radiating Ripple Throw

Watch for additional 3 Colorful Ways throughout the year!

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11 thoughts on “Radiating Ripple Throw 3 Colorful Ways

  1. Cheryl Estok

    Love the 6 color radiating ripple throw. That color combo is stylish and can be used for men or women.

  2. Mary Barnhart

    Really like all 3. The purple and blue were my fav though.

  3. Susan Spiers

    Lovecthe “Raduating Ripple Throw”, the colors are amzing!

  4. Francine

    Blue with yellow etc and blue with purple etc are my 2 favorite.

    Now that I’m able to post here, I’m from Canada. I tried to get a pattern which ended March 31st but is not available to Canadians as its through the American Red Cross. It was I believe a dolls maybe nurses uniform, which I would have loved to make it for a graduating nurse. Is there anywhere else I can get this pattern? Thank you


    • redheart

      Dear Francine, Thank you for your question. Currently the patterns are not available anywhere, since they were associated with just that one limited-time promotion.

  5. Mary G Baust

    Looking at the size guide in the directions it appears to say that large size throw is 92.5 inches wide. Am I reading it wrong?

    • redheart

      Dear Mary, Thank you for your question. There are two sizes for the throw: small and large. The small throw is 36 ½” wide and 69” long. The large throw is 47 ½” wide and 69” long. The 92.5 number is the width of the small size in centimeters.

  6. Suzanne Waddling

    Fracine you can find a nurse pattern if you go to Jean Greenhowe’s website in her doll book,
    “Little Gift Dolls” she has a pattern for a nurse doll and many others. Her patterns are very easy to follow.
    Hope this helps.

  7. Sheila

    I made the radiating ripple throw and used the same as shown, and it came out beautiful. Love it.

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