Congratulations to the winners of the 80 Days of Giveaways! Winners were notified via email.

Thursday, September 1: Stephanie M.
Friday, September 2: Melissa S.
Saturday, September 3: LaCinda B.
Sunday, September 4: Louise D.
Monday, September 5: Janice H.
Tuesday, September 6: Joanna C.
Wednesday, September 7: Joyce C.
Thursday, September 8: Carolyn T.
Friday, September 9: Rita D.
Saturday, September 10: Karon J.
Sunday, September 11: Kirstie H.
Monday, September 12: Ute D.
Tuesday, September 13: Janette N.
Wednesday, September 14: Alice  B.
Thursday, September 15: Patricia T.
Friday, September 16: James Y.
Saturday, September 17: Derek J.
Sunday, September 18: Jennifer D.
Monday, September 19: Linda G.
Tuesday, September 20: Theresa S.
Wednesday, September 21: Deb R.
Thursday, September 22: Dana M.
Friday, September 23: Mark B.
Saturday, September 24: Kari B.
Sunday, September 25: Samantha G.
Monday, September 26: Elizabeth W.
Tuesday, September 27: Amy B.
Wednesday, September 28: Doris H.
Thursday, September 29: Gary S.
Friday, September 30: Kim K.
Saturday, October 1: Glenda H.
Sunday, October 2: Harriet B.
Monday, October 3: Pattie M.
Tuesday, October 4: Sharon W.
Wednesday, October 5: Elizabeth J.
Thursday, October 6: Lynette T.
Friday, October 7: Jason B.
Saturday, October 8: Amy K.
Sunday, October 9: Constance H.
Monday, October 10: Deanna T.
Tuesday, October 11: Stephanie F.
Wednesday, October 12: Susan D.
Thursday, October 13: Tasha D.
Friday, October 14: Alex S.
Saturday, October 15: Jill H.
Sunday, October 16: Wendy  M.
Monday, October 17: Joanne L.
Tuesday, October 18: Susan M.
Wednesday, October 19: Sherraine T.
Thursday, October 20: Andrea G.
Friday, October 21: Michelle S.
Saturday, October 22: Valerie H.
Sunday, October 23: Michelle S.
Monday, October 24: Audri O.
Tuesday, October 25: Peggy D.
Wednesday, October 26: Laura W.
Thursday, October 27: Elaine L.
Friday, October 28: Jolanda C.
Saturday, October 29: Patricia M.
Sunday, October 30: Julie T.
Monday, October 31: Claudia C.
Tuesday, November 1: Billie M.
Wednesday, November 2: Bella H.
Thursday, November 3: Nicole D.
Friday, November 4: Ivy R.
Saturday, November 5: Nancy H.
Sunday, November 6: Terry W.
Monday, November 7: Kristi M.
Tuesday, November 8: Bre C.
Wednesday, November 9: Ashley S.
Thursday, November 10: Kathleen L.
Friday, November 11: Nancy R.
Saturday, November 12: Donna C.
Sunday, November 13: Dawn C.
Monday, November 14: Paul B.
Tuesday, November 15: Jen S.
Wednesday, November 16: Laurie D.
Thursday, November 17: Sharon H.
Friday, November 18: Eileen D.
Saturday, November 19: Angela C.

Grand Prize winner: Kathy B.