Red Heart Boutique Sashay Collection 2013-2014

Come take look at the Sashay 2013-2014 Collection now available at a store near you!



Sashay Metallic – the same Sashay now comes in beautiful jeweled colors with matching metallic all throughout giving it an upscale shimmery look sure to get you noticed.







Sashay Sequins – Luscious colors with the added kick of tiny sequins on the edge in place of the metallic giving you a chic sparkle perfect for every day and special occasions.







Sashay Sparkle – gorgeous solids with the same Sashay net but a heavier, solid metallic edge so when you knit or crochet, the sparkly ruffled edge really stands out.







Team Spirit – Sashay now comes in 2 tone shades that tell the world which team is your favorite! GO TEAM!!








The Original Sashay – comes in many print shades and also beautiful solids – all with a little silver metallic edge to give it just a little pop of sparkle.