Red Heart Favorite Halloween Dozen


We are so excited about our new Halloween projects, and there is something for everyone and even your dog or cat! Which one is your favorite of our Halloween dozen?

Trick or Treat!

1) LW2817 Pirate Puppy Hat                                                  2) LW2802 Indian Princess Headdress
PiratePuppyHat       IndianPrincessHeaddress

3) LW2824 It’s a Hoot Owl Hat and Cape                                    4) LW2796 Mad Willy Hat 
ItsHootOwlHatCape      MadWillyHat

5) LW2788 Happy Bat Bowl or Bag                                                6) LW2787 Pumpkin Bag 
HappyBatBowlBag      PumpkinBag

7) LW2816 Scary Skull Bag                                                     8) LW2839 Spooky Pumpkin Cat 
ScarySkullBag      SpookyPumpkinCat

9) LW2827 Jolly Roger Pirate Pumpkin                              10) LW2826 Kidding Around Gnome 
JollyRogerPiratePumpkin      KiddingAroundGnome

11) LW2841 Little Devil Hat & Cape                       12) LW2807 Jack-O-Lantern & Witch Canister Craft
LittleDevilHatCape      JackOLanternWitchCanisterCraft




























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