Red Heart Supports Red Cross

Join Red Heart Yarn and Red Cross North America and knit or crochet a blanket for those in need!

Red Heart, America’s favorite yarn, is partnering with the Red Cross, one of the most recognized and trusted charities in the world. The goal is to bring together our love of knitting and crocheting and our love of giving back.

Knit-your-bit-smallWhy the Red Cross?

Every 60 seconds, the American Red Cross assists 44 people; 190 times a day, Red Cross workers help a family affected by a fire or disaster; 1,000 times a day, the organization provides services to military members, veterans, and their families; the Red Cross is a major supplier of blood transfusions. And the list goes on.

The Red Cross was instrumental in promoting and organizing Americans’ efforts to supply World War I soldiers with much-needed knitted socks and other cold weather garments. This amazing effort was put in full force again during World War II.

Red Heart Yarns will donate $250,000 to support the American Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross, and the Mexican Red Cross. When you buy Red Heart yarn, you help the Red Cross provide emergency shelter, water, food, first aid, and other vital disaster relief services.

How Can I Help?

#StitchAHug for those in need! Use your passion for crocheting or knitting to create something special: a Red Heart Cares Blanket that can be used for Red Cross disaster relief efforts.


To make a Red Heart Cares Blanket:

  • Buy specially marked Red Heart yarn
  • Download our free crochet and knitting patterns
  • Start stitching
  • Donate your blanket to a local chapter (directory here)

If you need help, Marly Bird has pattern tutorials available for both the crochet and knit versions.

Make a donation to the Red Cross of $10 or more through the Red Heart page on the Red Cross website and receive two exclusive free patterns from Red Heart. New patterns will be available every three months.

A warm blanket and a hug from a caring person can bring so much joy to a person in need. Join Red Heart and Red Cross in the #StitchAHug campaign. You can make a difference! Visit for details.


One thought on “Red Heart Supports Red Cross

  1. Judy Hayden

    Kudos to everyone at Red Heart Yarn! I purchase red Heart Yarns for many reasons. I make Twiddle Muffs for people with dementia; baby blankets for “From the Heart” organization; neckwarmers and hats for the homeless; and shawls, scarves, hats for family members, using the softer RH yarns.

    I applaud red Heart Yarns for donating to the Red Cross in the United States, Canada and Mexico! Now when I purchase RH yarns, I will be doing even more to help people, so thank you very much!

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