Red Heart’s Featured Snowflake Wreath of the Month – January

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There will be 3 lucky people who will win the yarn, needles and hooks to make this month’s wreath.

Red Heart will be featuring a new wreath project every month in 2013! It will include a free pattern for the particular wreath and some tips and photos for assembly  from the designer Sharon Mann.

PLUS get a January Wreath Calendar that you can print out to keep track of important dates.


January’s wreath of the month is the Snowflake Wreath.


Please download the Snowflake Wreath free pattern for full insturctions on how to create this beautiful wreath.

Step 1: Wrap the Styrofoam balls

Wrap yarn around the 3”, 2 /12” and 2” Styrofoam balls until foam can longer be seen. Weave in the loose yarn.

WrapBalls BallsReady

Step 2: Insert Stem Wire

With wire cutters, cut stem wire in half. Insert the stem wire through the yarn wrapped ball about ½” up from the bottom.


Step 3: Cluster the wrapped balls around the wreath to determine design.

Use different colors and textures around the wreath. Take a digital picture of design before securing to the wire wreath.


Step 4: Attaching the Balls to the Wreath

Attach the balls to the wire wreath, being careful not to wind the wire too tight just in case you need to make a few adjustments and move yarn balls for a better fit.

Once the all the yarn balls are in place, tighten and trim the wires on the back of the wreath.

1BallAttached SeveralBallsAttached


Step 5: Sew on the Snowflakes

Sew 5 snowflakes around the finished wreath. Make a chain and attach to one snowflake and hang from the top center of the wreath.



Please download the Snowflake Wreath free pattern for full insturctions on how to create this beautiful wreath.