is the Place to Shop! Part 2 is designed for you to buy all of the Red Heart yarn you love! We have a redesigned shopping experience, weekly promotions, and every color in every yarn (stock levels can vary with demand). Read this post to learn about promotions and checking out, and our other post for how to select yarn and other products and add them to your shopping bag.


We have promotions each week on Sign up for our newsletter so you’ll always be alerted! We also share them on social media and on the homepage of our website.

Promo codes can be added on the shopping bag page to the left of the order total. Type the code in the box (capitalization and spacing matter) and click “apply”. You’ll see your order total be updated if the promo code is applied correctly. If you mistyped the code or if your order doesn’t quality — for instance, if it is not over a set dollar amount — then the promo code will not change your order total.


Other times yarn will be on sale, without a promo code. The sale price will be shown on the shopping bag page.

Checking Out

The checkout process is easier than ever, with two fewer pages than before. If you have an account, your shipping and billing information will automatically be saved to make checkout faster. We have also introduced guest checkout, in case you don’t want to make an account. To check out, click “proceed to checkout” on the shopping bag page.

If you’re using Guest Checkout, simply enter your email address into the field under Guest Checkout and then click “Checkout as Guest”. If you’re a new user creating an account, fill out the fields under Create an Account and then click “register and checkout”. This information will be saved so you only have to enter it the first time. If you’re a returning Customer, enter your username and password and click “login and checkout”.



After the first page, you’ll be able to insert a delivery address, see the order totals, and see which yarns you’re ordering. If you’re a new user or a guest, or a returning user sending to a new address, you can fill out the Delivery Address fields. If you’re a returning user sending to an address you have used before, you can click “View Address Book” and then “Use This Delivery Address” to have the system fill out the delivery address. Once the Delivery Address is filled out, click Continue to Delivery Method.



The default delivery method is Standard Delivery. In the US, you can choose 2 Day Delivery from the time an item ships for an additional charge. The shipping method, estimated delivery time, taxes & duties, and tracking details are shown for both methods. This information may change depending on which country you are in. For information on shipping rates and countries we ship to, please see the Shipping Rates chart. After you choose your delivery information, click “Continue to Payment”.


On the payment page, you’ll see the Delivery charges and the Tax on the right-hand side, so you can see your Order Total. Choose paying by Paypal or paying by Credit Card. If you’re paying by Credit Card, add in your payment details if you are a new user or a guest by clicking “Add Payment Details”. Returning users will have their credit card information saved. When you’re ready, click “Continue to Final Review”.



Payment Details

On the Final Review page, confirm that the Delivery Address, Delivery Method, and Payment Method are correct, and the items in the cart are the ones you want to order. When you’re satisfied, click “Place Order”.


If you’re having any trouble with our site, please let Consumer Services know so we can have it taken care of! You can contact them Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm Eastern time, at or (800) 648-1479. If we miss you please leave a clear voicemail message with a phone number or send us a message through the online form so that we can return your call or write you back once the office is open.

Please note: Prices for items and for shipping shown in screenshots may not reflect the current prices at the time you are reading this.

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