Remix from the Double Stitch Twins

One of the favorite projects the Double Stitch gals love is what they call remixing. This involves taking a woven skirt, jacket or even a T-shirt and embellishing with yarn and crochet. Little did they know, that they are being fashionable and eco at the same time!

The first thing I wanted to know was how do you get yarn meshed with fabric. The Double Stitch Twins have a great tutorial on Favecrafts to make a Remix Cuff. You can take this general idea and use for any number of projects. I’d like to use this idea to embellish tote bags. The key is finding sewing needles with large eyes that will work through woven fabric.

We have asked Erika and Monika to come up with more projects based on remixing. They are such creative gals, we’ll  just have to wait and see what they design. In the mean time, make their Funky Spats and attach them to a pair of boots – a hot fashion look this winter!