Rigoletto – Famous Opera or Favorite Yarn?

I say both!!
Rigoletto La Dona e mobile
Do you ever wonder how we come up with some of the names for our yarns? A lot of brainstorming and googling goes on before any name is chosen. In the case of Rigoletto, the process was easy. Rigoletto is made in Italy so immediately we thought of naming it something Italian and since it makes great spiral scarves, we thought of Rigatoni. Somehow Rigatoni just didn’t seem right so the brainstorming continued to go in that direction until we came up with Rigoletto – an amazing Italian opera and now a unique and versatile yarn from Red Heart Boutique.

RigolettoYarnIf you haven’t tried Rigoletto yet, I would encourage you to do so. It comes in 3 versions; prints, solids with metallic, and sequins. It is a really interesting tube style yarn that can be used in several ways.

1. Cut a few yards off and simply open up the tube and wear it! Seriously no knitting or crochet skills required!! Check out this video on how to do it!
Learn 4 Ways to Crochet / Knit with Rigoletto Yarn

2. Crochet it with simple chain and slip stitches – super easy!! LW3303-SparklingSeaScarf
Learn to Crochet with Rigoletto

3. Knit it – just cast on 2 stitches (yes I said 2!!) and keep going around and around until you have this fabulous spiral scarf. This is so much fun to work with and you get almost instant gratification. Here’s the video:
Learn to Knit with Rigoletto Yarn

4. Knot it – check out this video on how to make a great Celtic knot pin or necklace.

Check out these amazing videos on how to use Rigoletto and let us know what you make with it!