Ruanas 3 Colorful Ways

Fall 2016 promises to be the season that we all enjoy wearing stylish wraps like these ruanas! A ruana is similar to a shawl, but shaped like a poncho with an opening up the front.

Cristina Mershon first designed our Around-Town Ruana in a combination of two yarns, the beautifully shaded Boutique Unforgettable and two solid shades of Red Heart Soft. It has been a popular free design on our website and can be made as shown or in your own favorite shade of Unforgettable.

We loved how wonderfully wearable this ruana was and wanted to offer a knit version. So we asked Lorna Miser to design the knit Woodland Ruana Wrap with Red Heart Medley that is a bulky weight yarn that comes in luscious shadings.

We are also seeing lots of faux fur in trend reports for Fall and so a ruana with a fur collar was the logical choice for a third way to wear a ruana. Cristina Mershon also designed the crocheted Savvy Ruana using Red Heart Stellar and Boutique Fur. Stellar is a fast-to-crochet jumbo weight yarn, but it is lofty so it doesn’t weigh you down.

Whether you are spending your time in the country or the city, any of these ruanas will be the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. I also like how gift-able they are, since they are so easy to fit!

We’d love to know which of our versions you’d most like to make for yourself. Go below the photos to the voting app and click on your choice.

If you crochet your Ruana in other colors, please share it with us on our Facebook page. Your choice may be an inspiration to someone else!

Woodland Ruana Wrap
Knit in Medley
Woodland Ruana Wrap Free Knitting Pattern LW5287
Savvy Ruana
Crocheted in Boutique Fur and Stellar
Savvy Ruana Free Crochet Pattern LW5295
Around-Town Ruana
Crocheted in Boutique Unforgettable and Soft
Around-Town Ruana Free Crochet Pattern LW5140

Watch for additional 3 Colorful Ways each month throughout the end of this year!

29 thoughts on “Ruanas 3 Colorful Ways

    • redheart

      Hi Loretha, Thank you for your question! If you click on the names of the ruanas, or on their pictures as they are in a line across the page, you will be taken to the pattern page for each ruana. You can download the pattern from the pattern page, just like the rest of the Red Heart patterns.

      If you have any additional questions, please contact Consumer Services at or (800) 648-1479 for assistance.

  1. Linda Mascher

    all of the patterns you have are a pleasure to do. the colors are great, thank you.

  2. Roberta Sambol

    Would love to see patterns for ruanas using the Tunisian stitch!

  3. Joy

    Around-Town Ruana is the one I think is the prettiest. I will definitely have to make me one.

  4. Sherry Pena

    I love the color of the woodland ruana wrap and the drape of it, but I’m not a knitter, I crochet and would love to learn… Is this a easy pattern to pick up?

  5. Diane

    I love the way the Around-Town Ruana looks in the first picture. Is it just hanging down the back? I’m wondering how it stays in place? Thanks.

  6. Ronalyn Hurley

    I would have voted for the Savvy Ruana but I’ve never been able to master crocheting with fur yarn so I voted for the Around-Town instead.

  7. linda

    Will you be making a pattern for the ruana with the faux fir collar in a knit format? Would love to have that as I do not crochet. It is beautiful…… so am hoping that someone will convert that to a knit pattern. Thank you for sharing these lovely designs.

  8. Jeannie Carle

    The one I chose as “favorite” wasn’t my fave, but it WAS the only knitted one, and I don’t crochet :-(

  9. Susan Price

    Yarn out of stock. Dont email patterns if you dont have product.

  10. Joan Ferraro

    I need a pattern for a beginner to make this ruana. They are all beautiful.I chose the purple one. Please email me if this is possible.

  11. Mary Livingstone

    I like the woodlands ruana because it is knitted. I would prefer the savvy ruana but it is crocheted.

  12. LitlBits2016

    I actually prefer the first one, but it is KNIT, and I don’t knit….I only crochet.
    Wondering if this can be done in crochet?

  13. Susan HILL

    I love the grey one with fur but I do not crochet. How about one for knitters. Susan

  14. Elaine

    I too would be thrilled to make a Ruana using the Tunisian stitch. Thank you for your lovely patterns.

  15. Trudy

    All are very pretty, but I think Savvy Ruana has a better look for wearing and the other two would look great with a different kind of yarn. Thanks for the wonderful site.

  16. YW

    SAVVY RUANA… is my fav.

    For me, it’s more stylish and modern looking and yes, I would make it if I can get some donated yarn. :-) LMK… Thanks.

  17. Erica Mueller

    All this is is two long rectangles seamed together along half of the long side. Whether it’s knit, crochet, or Tunisian crochet, just figure out how many stitches you need for your yarn and gauge in order to get the pattern measurements. Use whatever stitch you like. This is a very simple project.

  18. christine condon

    Can I buy red heart yarns in Australia and how or where from

    • redheart

      Hi Christine, Thank you for your question. You can buy our full product line from Information on shipping rates is available on our FAQ page by clicking here.

      Sometimes a few Red Heart products are in Big W and Spotlight stores, but they are not guaranteed. They are usually seasonal and available in winter.

  19. Connie Beasley

    Thank you Red Heart for this knitting pattern. I have one of these in fleece that I love, but wanted to find a pattern to knit one. Can hardly wait to get started!

  20. Monica Frischkorn

    Haven’t worked with fun fur before. Excited to try the “Savvy” Ruana.

  21. Betty Knickerbocker

    I to would like to see the Savy Ruana in a knit pattern, please advise if someone can alter the crochet to knit.

  22. Tammy

    Which yarn will not pill? I cannot stand when yarns pill, I want my efforts to continue to look fresh even after washing and wearing.

    • redheart

      Hi Tammy, Thank you for your question.Unfortunately, all yarns can pill due to abrasion in use and laundering, and the softer the fiber, the more likely the finished fabric is to pill.

      We do suggest taking special care in laundering, since this is a major cause of pilling. Be sure to completely clear the lint traps in both washer and dryer so other fibers cannot abrade the yarn. It’s also a good idea to launder the item by itself or with other products made from similar yarns, to avoid this type of wear.

      Pills can be removed and there are special tools for this purpose. Usually they can be found in the sewing notions sections of the stores. Pills can also be removed by using a lint roller, or by simply running a narrow tooth comb along the surface of the item.

      For additional assistance, please contact our Consumer Services team at or (800) 648-1479.

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