A Sashay Christmas Tree

by guest blogger Karen Freeman

My mother always told me if invited to someone’s house for an event, never go empty handed. Well, I have been invited to a friend’s house throughout the year and have brought different gifts such as wine and chocolate. For the holidays I wanted to bring something that my very crafty friend could not have purchased or made herself. This Sashay tree is the special gift I made for her.

Sashay tree -- SuppliesSupplies

One skein Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sequins 1101 Champagne
Susan Bates Aluminum Crochet Hook Size J/6mm
One Styrofoam cone 3 7/8″ by 8 7/8″
Straight pins (approx. one box or 300 pins)

Gauge: Gauge is not important for this project

Preparing the scarf yarn

1. Roll end of scarf yarn to tuck in end. Insert hook in 4 holes of the track in rolled portion. Pull last chain through other 3 on hook to form the end.
2. Working similarly to the Boutique Sashay scarf pattern, insert hook into next 3 spaces in the track of the yarn. Pull the last loop through the other loops on the hook. Repeat 105 times. This creates the large ruffle at the base of the tree. Using more than 3 stitches causes the ruffles to be a bit large and hard to work down the size needed for the top of the tree.

Sashay tree -- 3 Chain
3. Reduce down to 2 holes for each stitch. Repeat 140 times.
4. Reduce to 1 hole for each stitch. Repeat until 1½ inches of yarn remain.
5. Roll up the end to look like a flower bud. Chain bottom of bud through last stitch on needle and tie off the bottom. This becomes the center of the top.

Sashay tree -- Bundle for top

Attaching to the cone

1. With the bottom facing you, use the straight pins to attach the scarf to the lower edge of the tree. Attach the chain-3 end first, and ensure the pins do not come through the bottom.

Sashay tree -- Attaching at bottom
2. Attach each bundle of chains next to the previous one around the cone. After going around once, continue with a second round.
3. As you get to the top, about a quarter of an inch away, take 2 passes across the top point and then continue with the rounds where you left off. This step helps to fill in the top and holds the ruffles in place.

Note: The more secure you make the attachments the longer the decoration will last over the years of fluffing.

2 thoughts on “A Sashay Christmas Tree

  1. Carol Ann Speight

    Is the pattern for the scarf on the yarn wrapper? Thank you.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Carol Ann, Thanks for your question! The regular ruffle scarf pattern is available on the ball band, but the pattern used for the tree is not done exactly the same. The regular scarf pattern has the same number of holes between the stitches at all times, while the one for the tree changes the number of holes between stitches.

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