Sashay Star Ornament

My favorite ornaments are the ones that I remember making with loved ones! So I couldn’t wait to show you this idea for using Sashay yarn to make joyful stars for your tree. It’s easy enough for older kids and even non-crafty friends to get in on.

Here’s what I did to make my Easy-Wrap Star, but feel free to change it up with other shapes…I think a heart would be sweet too.

1 photo of SuppliesSupplies

Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sparkle in 1929 Red Hot (or any Sashay of your choice)
Card stock
Craft glue


Step 1: Download and print the Star Shape onto card stock. (You could also print the Star Shape onto paper and then use it as a pattern to cut out your Star from any cardboard.)

Download Here

Step 2: Glue end of Sashay yarn to center of Star.

3 Glue Center

Step 3: Spread glue along point and wrap with yarn to cover that point completely. Repeat for each point around the Star.

4 glue each point

Step 4: To cover center, continue to wrap going between the points until Star is fully covered with Sashay.

5 Finished Star

Voila! It’s ready to add home-made spirit to your tree!

2 thoughts on “Sashay Star Ornament

  1. Kealani

    ADORABLE. I think I’ll whip up a dozen and string them into a garland. I’m going to use the Purple and Yellow of my gal pal’s favorite football team. Great, fast, FUN!

  2. Beate

    Eine sehr schöne und doch recht einfache Deko. gefällt mir super gut.
    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin


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