September Featured Throw of the Month

Welcome to the September Featured Throw of the Month! This month we have the One-Piece Stripes Throw made in With Love. Each month we will have a new themed throw as a featured free pattern. Each throw will have a tip or two in the blog, as well as a giveaway to win the yarn to make the throw. Keep reading for the tip and to access the giveaway! Use the hashtag #throwmonth to talk about the series.

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Download the One-Piece Stripes Throw Free Crochet Pattern!




The throw this month is made in With Love, but the sample is done in Soft.

The throw is made of sections of narrow vertical stripes, stretching the length of the throw, alternating with stripes made of blocks. It’s all surrounded by a border. The block stripes are made in one piece, so there is no sewing involved. This tip shows you how to work the block stripes directly onto the vertical stripes.

To start, you’ll make a vertical stripe, consisting of long stripes of color for eight rows. Since this tip is not showing how to change colors, we just used Guacamole for this entire section.

Next, you’ll start the block stripe. To make the first block, you’ll join your yarn in the 89th single crochet from the right-hand side. This stitch is the same as the 4th stitch in from the left-hand side.


Next, work 4 single crochets with 3 chain-1 spaces in between, then repeat for 9 rows. This will produce a block on top of a vertical stripe.


To start Block #2, you’ll skip the next 3 single crochet stitches. Join your yarn with a single crochet in the 4th single crochet…


…then work back towards Block #1 in the ch-1 and sc pattern you’ve been using.


Once you have worked the 4 single crochets and 3 chain-1 spaces, you’ll have reached Block #1. Join the yarn with a slip stitch into the side of the first single crochet of Row 1 of Block #1.


Row 2 of Block #2 will be a normal row, as you work away from Block #1. For Row 3, you’ll slip stitch into Block #1 again when you reach it.


If you don’t join the yarn with a slip stitch, the blocks will be separate sections and will not make a solid fabric.

Continue repeating Rows 2 and 3 for Rows 4-9.


For the next block, you’ll move over to the right again and repeat Block #2. Continue doing this all the way across, using the colors specified in the pattern.

Find all of the other throws on our Featured Throw of the Month page.


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11 thoughts on “September Featured Throw of the Month

  1. Karen

    I am very disappointed I was not able to enter the drawing for the yarn to make the one piece stripes September feature.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Karen, We’re sorry to hear you’re having difficulties! The entry form is at the bottom of the blog post, and it is open worldwide. Can you please be more specific about the trouble you are having, so we can make sure you get entered?

  2. Phyllis

    My entry for the September throw of the month is entered and now I await the good nnews of the winner. The process for entering was one of the easiest I’ve done. Thanks for the simplicity of the form.

  3. Diane

    This is beautiful would love to win and have an extra present for an uncle in a home he would love it and stay warm.

  4. Yarnaddict411

    Okay. I’ve seen a million patterns now and have found, literally, tens of thousands that I really like. But, and there is almost Aways a but, I have nearly, or almost very nearly almost always NOT liked the colors that the patterns are displayed in. But, I’ve also learned to see the patterns in other colors. Why, oh why, has nobody bothered to put, or make readily available, a color fill pattern so one can see the pattern AND change those color to see if they can figure a color match they would like to do that pattern in. It would probably sell A LOT more patterns and it would allow patron, or potential patrons, a chance to possibly preview a work they might attempt. That said, soap box nearly … put away. Lol. I love this pattern AND these colors as they are showcased. I would LOVE to make this pattern / project. Of course, beings I am a disabled veteran without any support or income and, I rely solely upon donations, it’s highly unlikely I can acquire the materials to make it anyway. I love making larger projects like blankets. I was asked to make a “Blanket” to fit a king sized bed. I had researched it and decided I would make a deep, fit for royalty, purple bedspread with an appropriate sized fleur de leis. It was to be for a cancer patient as he would never ask for it for himself. But, the yarns would have probably run about $600 roughly so, in did not get to make it. I was going to.make the symbol in gold yarns and edge it in gold braided tassels edging. Dang shame. I will make things like the old time journeyman of jolly old England where they ingrained hundreds of nature scenes and animals into their projects. One such survives and is a coat as I recall. But. This pattern, I would make as it is were I able to get the pattern and yarn. Love it. Th for sharing. Maybe I should consider selling one of my original blanket patterns so I could then afford this and maybe the other blanket as well.

  5. Barbara

    I’m always checking out patterns. Thanks for the access to your library. Here’s to the winner of this giveaway – the package will definitely be enjoyed!

  6. Ann

    This is a beautiful throw. I can see it being made in many different colors to suit the occasion or decor. Hoping I win! Good luck to everyone! :-)

  7. Wanda

    Thank you for this contest. I love red heart yarn and patterns. Good luck everyone.


    I may have already posted, but I think this is a very pretty throw. My group crochets for the veterans at the VA Hospital in our city. This would be great for one of them

    • redheart Post author

      Dear Karen, Thanks for your question! The actual throw was made in Red Heart With Love with the colors given in the pattern. The sample (swatch) for the blog was made in Red Heart Soft in the colors 4420 Guacamole (green) and 9388 Wheat (beige).

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