Share the Love! Free Hats for Charity eBook

Knitters and crocheters have a long tradition of using their needles and hooks to share with others and to let those going through a difficult time know that they care. One of the most popular type of project to give is a cozy hat. If you are a person looking to give to those in need you’ll want to view this eBook – Hats for Charity. It is a collection of 15 of the best and easiest Red Heart hat patterns presented in one easy to reference eBook along with their patterns.

You’ll find:

  • Preemie hats to keep heads warm
  • Baby hats for those who are sick or in need
  • Hats that are fun for children to wear when they have hair loss, are orphaned or are in need
  • Hats for women and men going through chemo treatments, serving in the military, or who do not have a home

Many of the charities that accept hats are listed in the back of this eBook. This collection of patterns will make it easier for you to do for others during this season of giving and to continue to give of your talents throughout the year.

Download the FREE Hats for Charity eBook


15 thoughts on “Share the Love! Free Hats for Charity eBook

  1. Sonya Koltes

    Thank you so much for these wonderful patterns. I have such a variety stuff to donate this year and now I have a better variety of sizes and patterns. Thank you again.

  2. Carolyn Scott

    Thank you for the wonderful patterns. Our Ladies Aid has a Hat & Mitten tree every year and the ‘decorations” go to a local charity. This year our tree is dedicated to Black River Good Neighbors in Ludlow, VT. We will share the patterns among our members.

  3. Connie Greene

    I’m always making hats and scarves just to give away. I’m starting to make more hats for my son fourth grade class for Christmas gifts.

  4. Carolyn Kujawinski

    I do a lot of knitting for charities and these different patterns will be a big help.

    • redheart

      Hi Mary, Thank you for your question. We do not have crochet hats specific for the military, but we would think that plain crochet hats would be a good choice. You can see all of our crochet hats for men at and for women at

  5. Marylin

    Thanks for the patterns. Being a survivor I was in treatment with others that would pick up the hats; now I can donate.

  6. LeeAnn French

    Thank you so much. This is my first holiday season in 2 years that I’m cancer free. The cancer center I did my treatment had a box of beanies and shawls. I’ve been looking for patterns to make these items. It was wonderful to have those items available. Even the cost of a hat is tremendous for those going through cancer treatments. Hope everyone has a blessed season. I know I’m blessed. :-)

  7. Nancy Belanger

    I donated 100 hats to a local children’s charity this year. Wish I had some of these patterns when I was creating them! HMMMM…maybe I will do it again next year…………

  8. Linda McKie

    This is all new to me and i am interested in a variety of crochet.

  9. kristina

    I crochet for our local school program for those kids in need. Some caps are too small, they go to the local hospital for the newbies or cancer kids.
    Thank you giving me more variety. Learning thr Tunisian stitch to add to the variety too.

  10. Barbara DellaValle

    Thanks so much for making it easier to give to those who are in need.

  11. Kathleen Zubke

    I knitted some hats for operation Christmas Child. These patterns should help give more variety and sizes to what I already had done. Thank you.

  12. Shirley E.

    I appreciated donated hats, etc. when doing chemo. I’ve made hats since then for myself (cover my bald head) and for others. Now, I have a hard time knitting or crocheting because of wrist pain, so have to hold off for awhile. Some cute patterns here. Thanks. I recognize that people like to give at holiday time because it is an expected thing. I also know there is no special season for need. Keep up the good work, crafters. Keep us well-supplied, Red Heart! Giving makes you happy.

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