Shoulder Cozies 3 Colorful Ways

If you are only adding one accessory to your wardrobe this year, make it a shoulder cozy! This versatile fashion item can be worn at least three different ways.

First, wear it around your shoulders similar to a poncho. It looks just as great for date night as for more casual outfits.
Second, drape it around your neck like a cowl to keep cool air off your neck at the office or wear it over a coat or sweater for extra warmth and style.
And thirdly, pull it up over your head as a hood and it will protect you from the wind and weather.

Multi-Wear Cowl Free Knitting Pattern LW5024
Multi-Wear Cowl Free Knitting Pattern LW5024
Multi-Wear Cowl Free Knitting Pattern LW5024

We are showing you three shoulder cozies in three different yarns.

spiced-up-shoulder-cozy-free-crochet-pattern-lw5300e846_3966_ballThe first is the Spiced Up Shoulder Cozy crocheted in Red Heart Unforgettable Waves yarn designed by Julie Farmer. You may have not tried this new thick-and-thin version of the popular Unforgettable yarn. It has an interesting texture and comes in beautifully shaded colors.






sophisticated-shoulder-cozy-free-knitting-pattern-lw5377e788_1913_ballOur second design, the Sophisticated Shoulder Cozy is knit with Red Heart Treasure, a wool blend yarn with beautiful colorations. The garter stitch ridges add interest to this classy look.







Multi-Wear Cowl Free Knitting Pattern LW5024e846_3975_ballAnd our third design, the Multi-Wear Cowl is the same pattern as the previous knit cozy, but with the thick-and-thin Red Heart Unforgettable Waves yarn. Isn’t it great the way you can change the yarn and get a whole new look?


So to decide on the perfect shoulder cozy to add to your cold weather wardrobe, check out these patterns by clicking on the photos below. You might also consider crocheting or knitting a shoulder cozy as a special gift. It doesn’t have the fitting problems of a sweater, and will make a bigger impression than a hat or scarf.

Spiced Up Shoulder Cozy
Crocheted in Unforgettable Waves
in 3966 Spices
Spiced Up Shoulder Cozy Free Crochet Pattern LW5300
Sophisticated Shoulder Cozy
Knit in Treasure
in 1913 Spectrum
Sophisticated Shoulder Cozy Free Knitting Pattern LW5377
Multi-Wear Cowl
Knit in Unforgettable Waves
in 3975 Lakehouse
Multi-Wear Cowl Free Knitting Pattern LW5024

So whether you prefer bright jewel tones, neutral shades similar to the original designer coat, or shaded multi-colored tones, this coat is a wonderful crochet-lovers fashion. You might also consider crocheting a scarf for special people on your gift list. It’s easy to custom design them to the colors they enjoy wearing.


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  1. Susan Mare

    Love die Sophisticated Shoulder Cozy. Is this pattern maybe for free, and in a printable form?

    • redheart

      Hi Susan, Yes, all of the patterns are free PDFs! Click on a picture or the name of the pattern somewhere that is not the voting form at the end, and it will take you to the pattern download page where you can download a free PDF copy of the pattern.

  2. Valerie Nieman

    I love the Spiced Up shoulder cozy because it accentuates a slender neck(which I desire) and the yarn is beautiful and right up my alley! That being said the Multi Wear Cowl has a ton of versatility and is more practical for day to day wear!

  3. Leslie Wigins-Baker

    I am a crocheter — I love the crochet version, of course — how can I make it look about the 2nd version?
    I really like the appearance & fit of that one

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    I’m a portyuguese women and I have dificult to express us well us I need but I think that you are a friends and understant my linguage. I like knite and l thank you all proposes.
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