So You Want to Be a Knit Designer

Did you know that there is actually an on-line class that you can take that teaches you how to put your terrific design ideas into words? It is called How to Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters and is available on Craftsy, a great craft community. I took the class and was impressed by Edie Eckman’s ability to take the involved process of pattern writing and put it into a format that is very user friendly. It completely covers the process of putting a knit design into a pattern. Once you buy the class you can watch it at your own pace, and go back over it again at any time. The format allows you to ask questions of Edie and she will answer them! Fellow students can join into any discussions.

160x160-BannerYou will be able to take advantage of Edie’s 16 years of experience working with many technical editors and publishers. I spoke to her about her class and she and I agree that even those who may not want to be designers or technical editors can benefit from understanding what goes into the written knit pattern. Of course, if you are interested in self-publishing, this class is invaluable. And if you want to submit your designs to yarn companies or publishers, being able to write good patterns will help you receive assignments.

Patterns written with thoughtfulness for the user will go a long way toward many happier knitters in our world! I know good patterns make me happy! Craftsy has kindly given me this link that gives you a 50% off discount for the class – $19.99! (Regularly $39.99)