Spring 2012 Knit Along, Kate’s Shawl-Week 2

Hi everyone!  How is your progress coming along on Kate’s Shawl? I’ve been knitting away, just a few hours each day, so I can get mine completed to wear in a few weeks. Because of the continuing increased stitches, it just keeps getting wider and wider. 

By now, most of you should have several inches knitted.  Maybe some of you are half way through it.  I’ve learned a few things while working on mine. This is a very easy pattern and I love the textured effect created. I’ve been busy working on other things too, and if you do that as well, make sure you remember where you left off and what you were doing. For me, I laid this project down, picked up something else to work on for a while, and then went back to the shawl. Without even thinking, I knit in stockinette stitch for several rows before I realized what I was doing. You know what that means … RIPPIT! I am now back on track and will pay closer attention to what I’m working on.

We have Part 2 of the Kate’s Shawl video showing you how to pick up stitches around the outer edges and create your ruffles.