Spring Cleaning Your Stash

Is your stash taking over your home? Mine sure seems to grow whenever I turn my back!  This spring cleaning season my goal is to keep things organized.  I have a vintage curio cabinet I like keeping my prettiest yarn in, I love being able to see everything through the glass doors. Other craft supplies fit easily in the drawer and lower cabinet sections.  

But what if you can’t find a curio cabinet? Or don’t have space for one? Plastic bins are always a great option, since they protect your yarn, stack nicely, and come in tons of sizes.  The only thing is… they’re never very pretty.  Here are a few ideas I’ve rounded up some other fun ways to keep your yarn tidy!

Hanging cloth shoe and sweater storage shelves are great options, especially if you keep your yarn in a closet, or can squeeze a clothing rack in your craft room.

Finding other shelving options that are attractive can be hard sometimes, but don’t forget to check out the wine rack selection! Many of these options are more like mini shelves and yarn looks fantastic in them!

If you have wall space, this recycled coffee can tutorial is an amazing way to store and show off your precious skeins.

Baskets are also a display good choice, but be sure to inspect them for any parts that might snag your yarn!


If wool yarn is a part of your collection, don’t forget to tuck moth repelling sachets of herbs, like lavender and peppermint, throughout the yarn.

How do you like to store your yarn?  Do you have a room for crafting or do you have to share space in the rest of the house?  Is your yarn taking over the rest of the house? We’d love to hear your creative storage solutions!