Start 2012 with a Dozen Great Accessory Patterns!

Getting into the needlecrafting groove this year with a dozen great accessory patterns – 6 to crochet and 6 for knit. You can pass them out to friends and family or get a jump on your gift giving supply for 2012.

LW2848 Warm & Shine Scarf & HeadbandLW2848 Warm & Shine Scarf & Headband LW2439 Button Up Neck WarmerLW2439 Button Up Neck Warmer
LW2603 Cold Weather CablesLW2603 Cold Weather Cables LW2689 Great Garter Knit HatLW2689 Great Garter Knit Hat
SN0143 Strolling MittsSN0143 Strolling Mitts LW2521 Easy Striped ScarfLW2521 Easy Striped Scarf
LW2437 Comfy Hooded ScarfLW2437 Comfy Hooded Scarf LW2563 Fashionable Flapper HatLW2563 Fashionable Flapper Hat
LW2176 Snow Time CapLW2176 Snow Time Cap WR1724 Cowl Knit MobiusWR1724 Cowl Knit Mobius
CTDec07-55 Retro Stripes HatCTDec07-55 Retro Stripes Hat LW2495 Scalloped Baby Hats and MittensLW2495 Scalloped Baby Hats and Mittens