Join Us and Stitch Away Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month and to celebrate and educate people about the health benefits of yarn crafts, the Craft Yarn Council is hosting its annual #StitchAwayStress campaign. Make life’s lemons into lemonade by knitting or crocheting a lemon stress ball and squeezing it when life gets tough.

This year there’s even a new spin on the original Twinkie Chan lemon stress ball – a lemon pillow! This new lemon is the perfect companion to the lemon stress ball and even doubles as a pillow! Knit or crochet your way to the cutest pillow around and keep it for yourself or give it to a friend in need of some relaxation.

Throughout the month, the CYC will host “Pillow Talk” on it social platforms, sharing quotes and interviews from different people about how knit and crochet have helped them overcome stress and health problems.

Get the free lemon pillow crochet pattern, free knit pattern, and video tutorial here!

Join Us and Stitch Away Stress

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