Stitching into Summer

I live in the South. While people like to pretend we have four seasons the truth is we have two. Not Hot and Hot. Not Hot usually heads into ‘cold’ territory but I’ve learned that cold in the south is a beach day in the north.

When the warmer weather starts creeping in…I always run for my crochet. I know, most people would be running the other way but I love to design for warm weather climates. Southern crochet can be fun, inventive, and easy. Once you know a few tips.

Stay away from acrylic. That stuff doesn’t breath a lick. While I love my Red Heart Super Saver…step away for a few months and dig into something else! A great alternative is Scrubby Smoothie! A worsted weight cotton yarn that is as soft as can be, easy to stitch up, and comes in a whole slew of colors.

Beach Days Crochet Tote
Beach Days Crochet Tote free crochet pattern LW6226
Coastline Lampshade Cover
Coastline Lampshade Cover free crochet pattern LW6225

Worsted weight isn’t always the only weight. Try something a bit lighter in the summer. A lace weight or fingering weight works perfectly! The key is to stitch up light and breezy projects such as shawls, scarves, and tops. My go-to yarn is It’s a Wrap and It’s a Wrap Rainbow! This Acrylic/Cotton blend is perfect for mixing it up and the gradient makes projects that look one of a kind without a whole lot of work!

Shore Thing Dress
Shore Thing Dress free crochet pattern LM6197
Small Shapes Shawl
Small Shapes Shawl free knit pattern LM5925

Choose wool. Now…hold on. Take a breath. I know wool in warm weather sounds crazy pants but it works. Wool has this amazing way of cooling and warming us, it’s one heck of a fiber. Try it…a lacy shawl in something like Chic Sheep by Marly Bird? Now, that’s a wrap! (see what I did there? I’m hilarious!)

Margaux Chic Shawl
Margaux Chic Shawl free crochet pattern LW6126
Chic and Strong Crescent Shawl
Chic and Strong Crescent Shawl free crochet pattern LW5905

If all else fails go for the accessories. Crocheting accessories is what it’s all about. My go-to project is always socks. We wear them just about all year long and they are quick to stitch. Not to mention you don’t get hot when stitching them up! Try these socks from Red Heart designed by yours truly and pick up some Heart and Sole Yarn while you’re at it!

Surf and Sand Socks
Surf and Sand Socks free crochet pattern LM5754
Slip Rib Socks
Slip Rib Socks free knit pattern LM6193

Crocheting for warm weather is about as fun as crochet gets for me! I’m always excited to try new things and fit crochet into each season of my life! Make sure to share your finished pieces with me @rohnstrong on Instagram!

Stitching into Summer | Tips for Crocheting in th summer heat from Rohn Strong