From Store to Stitches Handmade Fashion

As the New Year begins, I’ve been thinking a lot about making vs. buying.
I’d al
ways rather make what I’m wearing than buy it, so I hit the search button and started making a list of pretty things I’d like to be wearing this year.  Turns out, it’s a BIG list! To narrow it down, I went to my closet, to figure out what pieces I most need and settled on a sweater or two, and a few scarves, my favorite accessory!  Then I went to our pattern search, to find similar pieces to what I found in the online shops. I found our Cuff-to-Cuff Sweater. I’m planning on making it with Treasure yarn, in the Mosaic color way, I love blues & greens! The sleeves will also end up being longer, perfect for being cozy on the weekends!

CufftoCuffSweaterThe scarf that popped to the top of my list is the Easy Wrap Comfort Scarf. I’m usually all about changing the color of a project, but this time, I’m surprising myself by sticking with the white Changes. I don’t have a lot of white in my closet, and it’ll be nice to switch things up a bit!

EasyWrapComfortScarfLastly, I purchased a cape instead of a traditional coat this year and I LOVE it!  So I think I’ll put this beautiful Aran Knit Wrap on my list as well!  I love knitting cables, and am hoping my gauge works out, so I can change the yarn to Washable Ewe (one of my favorites!) in Kitten.  If not, maybe I’ll give With Love a chance, either way, the cape will be warm!

AranKnitWrapIsn’t it a great feeling to know you can make your own clothes? It’s one of my favorite things about knowing how to knit & crochet!  Do you look at magazines and search the internet for inspiration too?