Stranded and Tangled in Madagascar

Michael Sellick and Diva Dan from went a bit crazy in Africa and need to be rescued! While inside a crate on board the freight liner headed to Madagascar, they had lots of time on their hands to plan a course of action. Once they hit land, the rescue challenge was issued! Get in on the mission.

The Crochet Crowd Global Community is challenged to create fun amigurumi characters for a crochet ‘safari’ in the theme of the Disney movie “Madagascar”. Using ideas of the animals but not true to the character’s looks, we are asking fans to go above and beyond their imagination. There are over $3000 in prizes to be won, thanks to Red Heart Yarns, Creative Festival, James C Brett, Schachenmayr Yarns, The Crochet Crowd, and Westcott Scissors.


Watch it all untangle at Creativ Festival with a wild and crazy display full of crochet lions, hippos, giraffes, and even monkeys created by the Crochet Crowd fans. They “Like to Move It, Move It”–it’s a fiber safari adventure!

The “Crowd” loves mother nature’s creatures and your donations of your creations to The Crochet Crowd plus the proceeds will benefit the Humane Society of Canada.

Get into the safari adventure of Stranded and Tangled in Madagascar!


2 thoughts on “Stranded and Tangled in Madagascar

  1. Terri Hileman

    The cutest patterns……….I love all the animals and am trying to compile a few for my charity, My Stuff Bag Foundation…..thank you, thank you, thank you………

    • Karen

      Working on my 5th Lion, 2 were yellow, 2 were orange and the last is brown. Everybody loves them, they are soooooo cute!

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