Toys for Summer!

Toys and amigurumis are a great hot weather project! It keeps your hands busy, and when you’re done, the kids will be entertained or you can add it to your gift pile for the holidays! They’re a winning choice either way.  Luckily, we have plenty of toys for you to choose from!

Some of my favorites are our amigurumi style toys, like this colorful elephant and Beach Bear Rita.

   LW3230-ColorfulElephant      LW3064-BeachBearRita

These crochet finger puppets are perfect for car rides!


If bigger toys are more your style, the turtle or bunny pillow pals might be the project for you! .

LW2668-TurtlePillowPal     LW2667-BunnyPillowPal

And who could forget this pretty knit bunny? She’s ready to hop into playtime!