Ultimate Guide to Left-Handed Crochet with Tips for Learning and Adapting Patterns

Many of the left-handed crafters who learned to crochet decades ago had to learn the craft “backwards” from their natural approach because they learned from a right-handed crocheter. Today, that’s no longer necessary. There are teachers, tutorials, patterns and more for the left-handed crocheter. In this guide, you’ll learn the basic stitches in left-handed crochet, tips for learning more, information on finding left-handed pattern sources and guidance for adapting existing patterns to your left-handed crochet style. Are you a right-handed crocheter who wants to teach a leftie how to crochet? There’s information on that in this guide, too!

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Ultimate Guide to Basketweave Crochet

The basketweave crochet stitch is a beautiful textured stitch that creates a woven fabric rich in density and beauty. It can be worked in any type of yarn although it looks especially beautiful in a classic worsted weight yarn such as Super Saver Economy Yarn because of the structure of the stitch. This guide will teach you all about how to crochet basketweave stitch. including the most popular version of the stitch and a set of variations to play with.

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RedHeart.com is the Place to Shop! Part 2

RedHeart.com is designed for you to buy all of the Red Heart yarn you love! We have a redesigned shopping experience, weekly promotions, and every color in every yarn (stock levels can vary with demand). Read this post to learn about promotions and checking out, and our other post for how to select yarn and other products and add them to your shopping bag.

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What is the difference between balls and skeins of yarn?

Have you ever tried to pull yarn from the center of a skein and had trouble? You may have been trying to pull from a ball — and balls are not wound to be able to pull from the middle. Follow this handy guide to figure out if you have a ball or a skein, what the difference is, and how to find the end.

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Guide To Yo-Yo Crochet

guide to yo-yo crochet

The yo-yo is a new, trending crochet motif that has gained rapid popularity. Although there are several different designs for the crochet yo-yo, basically it’s a small crochet circle made using just one or two rounds of stitches. The yo-yo motifs are stitched together, typically using a Join-as-you-Go method, in any number of patterns to create scarves, shawls, blankets and just about everything else that you can think of. Since each yo-yo is made up of just a small bit of yarn, yo-yo projects are great stash buster projects but you can also use the same yarn for each yo-yo to make a more cohesive-looking project. There are even variations on the yo-yo pattern that use larger amounts of yarn, which we’ll look at towards the end of this guide.

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